Arthi + Ashveer

This gorgeous wedding captured by Kelly Daniels Photography, first caught our eye with all the beautiful Pink. Red is usually the traditional colour for Hindu brides, and we just love how Arthi and Ashveer decided to shun the norm and create a day true to them.
With nature being the main theme, they chose an outdoor ceremony and decorated their tables with touches of rose quartz, which actually has a lovely story behind it, read on to find out more about this special day!

Hooray: Please tell us your names, how you and your husband met + how long you have been dating.
Arthi: Our names are Arthi and Ashveer, we met when we were in college but didn’t really keep in contact. About 10 years later (or even more) we met via social media and started chatting and decided to meet up – that’s how it all started. We dated for about one and half years before we got engaged.

Hooray: Tell us about your proposal
Arthi: He caught me by surprise! I was in the shower and when I got out and was changed, he was on his knees with a beautiful breakfast set up – roses and champagne on the deck facing the ocean! It was really special and intimate with lots of laughter and tears all at the same time. After that, he spoilt me with a spa day at Mangwanani and dinner. I could not stop smiling the whole day!

Hooray: What was the one non-negotiable of your wedding?
Arthi: I HAD to have fresh flowers, no false ones! I love nature so wanted a garden set up.

Hooray: How did you choose your photographer?
Arthi: I had been following a few photographers on Instagram and we loved Kelly Daniels’ style! Her packages were within our budget and once we had met up with her, we loved her friendly personality.

Hooray: Be honest, how many hours did you spend on Pinterest?
Arthi: Gosh, before I got engaged, probably like every second night!

Hooray: Did you have bridesmaids and groomsmen?
Arthi: In Indian weddings we don’t really have bridesmaids and groomsmen. but my sisters and best friends were there to support me every step of the way. All brides get stressed and just having that emotional support made me feel better.

Hooray: Your make up was INCREDIBLE! Who did it?
Arthi: Yulisha Arvanitakis – beautiful make-up artist you can follow her on Instagram

Hooray: Can you share with us one of your best experiences, and one of your worst?
Arthi: One of my best experiences was having my mum and best friend come with me to view my table settings with Jackie!
The worst experience was trying to find a wedding venue! All venues were booked on the date we wanted but eventually things did work out!

Hooray: Please tell us more about the grass ring around yours and your father’s hand.
Arthi: The grass is believed to have a purifying effect on participants during a puja/prayer. We did a prayer with my dad before he handed me over to my groom.

Hooray: What role did your parents play in your wedding?
Arthi: They played a really big role financially, if it was not for them (especially my dad and brother) I would not have had this beautiful wedding.

Hooray: The one thing you would change about your wedding if you could travel back in time
Arthi: Possibly my reception dress, and maybe I would have a shorter religious ceremony.

Hooray: The biggest hurdle you faced planning your wedding?
Arthi: Definately trying to find a venue due to short engagement

Hooray: What was the inspiration behind your colour scheme?
Arthi: I was going for an earthy look with pastel colours and lots of greenery.
I really love nature so that why I also wanted the religious ceremony to be outdoors, so nature was my biggest influence.
The rose quartz crystals that were the centre pieces are special to me, since a rose quartz was the first gift Ashveer gave to me and it symbolises love and friendship.

Hooray: 3 cakes! Tell us more?
Arthi: I love cake! I had 3 different flavours for fun! Thought it would be nice to have different flavours and I loved the arrangement of the odd number at different levels.
1. Chocolate and coffee
2. Strawberry and cream
3. Black forest
They were all delicious!

Hooray: You told us you had done a small wedding planning course, how did this help you plan your wedding day?
Arthi: It helped a lot! I love planning weddings and parties and putting things together to make a special and beautiful event, that was the main reason for doing the course. It helped me with my time lines so each month I got to tick things of my list and not leave things for the last minute. It also helped me with what to look out for when looking for vendors and venues and comparing prices, to be detailed when briefing vendors too exactly what our vision is and to be super organised.

Hooray: Your favourite wedding tradition?
Arthi: In Hindu culture we have many pre wedding functions and one my favourite before the wedding is Mehdi night which is the art or practice of applying temporary henna tattoos, especially as part of a bride or groom’s preparations for a wedding.
My favourite tradition on the wedding day -was walking down the aisle with my family and around the holy fire which is very meaningful – an important part of the Hindu wedding is for the bride and groom to walk around the holy fire together and the couple lights the fire and prays for a happy future.

Hooray: What were your favours?
Arthi: Our favours were simple coconut wheel chocolates with a cute saying on it (A Sweet ending to a new beginning) – and a thank you note (it had a personalised graphic on it that matched our wedding invite) These were placed on each plate. We also had left over rose quartz candle holders which we gave to close family and friends that helped us.

Hooray: Why did you choose Braeside?
Arthi: It was set outdoors and was available on the date we wanted.
The price was affordable and it has plenty parking. They were very helpful and not forgetting, the food was yummy!

Hooray: Your second dress is stunning, who made it?
Arthi: I got my second dress from Jasmin Bridal Shop

Hooray: The best moment of your wedding day?
Arthi: When I was sitting next to my husband, knowing that I’m going to spend the rest of life with my best friend, especially when he placed the floral garlands around my neck.

Arthi and Ashveer, thank you so much for giving us the honour of sharing your special day!
We loved all the special touches that you added to it to make it unique and enjoyed learning more about Hindu wedding traditions.

Magic Makers

Photographer: Kelly Daniels Photography
Videographer: James Peters Film
Venue: Braeside Weddings and Functions
DJ: Subash from Sound Factor
Caterer: Braeside
Cakes: Smiths Bakeshop
Hair: Hair by Shenaaz
Make-up: Yulisha Arvanitakis
Ceremony Dress – Bride sourced from India
Grooms Attire: Fabric from Bridal World
and tailored by The Tailor Shop
Reception Dress: Jasmins Bridal
Flowers and Décor – Weddings and Functions by Jackie
Indian décor – Mirage Mirror Deco
Floral Garlands – Bridal Beauty by Trenesha

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