Caitlin + Steve

Caitlin and Steve met through a mutual friend, fell in love, moved to the UK and now three years later, they are officially Mr. and Mrs.
If you loved the look of Caitlin’s bachelorette we shared, then wait until you see the magic that is her wedding day.

Simple, clean and elegant – this was the theme that Caitlin kept in mind throughout the planning process and she pulled off the most amazing day, all this while planning it all the way from the UK!

Mrs. Offerman, take it away…

Hooray: Hi guys, please tell us a bit more about yourselves.
Cait: We are Steven and Caitlin Offerman (formerly Woor). We met while we were both living in Cape Town in 2016. Steve was working and I was in my final year of my studies. Steve was living with a friend from work who was a mutual friend of mine from my home town (Amanzimtoti, Durban) and hence how we met! Just short of 3 years later we were married!Hooray: Tell us about your proposal
Cait: Steve and I were spending a week in Plettenberg Bay in September 2017, which is a very special place for him as he spent all his summer holidays at a family home there. We had also spent quite a lot of time there together.
Steve couldn’t take the nerves all week long so decided to propose on the first day of the holiday which was a Monday. It was a beautiful sunny day, and so he wanted us to go for a focaccia at one of our favourite restaurants on the beach and then go for a walk to a special beach spot of his he wanted to show me. But it turned out that the restaurant was closed because it was a Monday and further the tide was too high to get to the spot! We were walking back from the spot and Steve thought I had seen the ring box in his pocket (which I hadn’t haha) and so he just dropped to his knee and did it right there on the beach. Everything that could go wrong went wrong, but it turned out to reflect exactly how we are, imperfectly perfect.Hooray: What was the one non-negotiable of your wedding?
Cait: When Steve saw this question he joked and said the Tiffany chairs, because I pushed for these so much haha! But in all seriousness our non-negotiable was trying not to get stuck into all the little details too much, to let each other win some of the decisions so as to enjoy it as much as possible and remember why we are actually having the wedding.Hooray: We love the deep emerald tones incorporated in your wedding day, what inspired you to choose these colours?
Cait: I genuinely didn’t go into my wedding planning process with a colour scheme that I had dreamed of since forever. I was very open to anything and could be swayed by whatever the latest trend was. But green is and always has been my favourite colour, so naturally, all my Pinterest searches lended itself to this deep emerald green and lots of greenery. I wanted the wedding decor to be very clean and simple and basically focused around the greenery and plain white flowers so the emerald dresses fit perfectly with this theme too. No matter how deep I went into Pinterest I always found myself back to this theme and so thought that’s got to be it.Hooray: Be honest, how many hours did you spend on Pinterest?
Cait: A lot haha. But when it came to the time to make decisions, I had to stop myself a bit so that I would stop changing my mind all the time!Hooray: How did you choose your photographer?
Cait: We were lucky enough to discover Courtney in the early stages of her photography career, thanks to Steve’s sister being a friend of Court’s sister. One look at her Instagram and website and we were sold that she was the perfect photographer for us. There was just so much happiness and love in her photo’s which was, for us, the most important thing about our day.Hooray: Your dress is drop dead GORGEOUS! Did you purchase it in the UK or locally?
Cait: So I found it on Instagram from the designer “Made with Love”. All of their dresses are to die for! I actually wanted a different one but when I put the one I wore on, I fell in love! The designer is Australian but they have boutiques that stock them in the UK, so I tried it on there and bought it from there. Apparently there is a boutique in Durban and Cape Town now. And as far as I am aware you can order them online straight from their website.Hooray: Your day looked a tad bit chilly? How was the weather? Was it a worry for you or did you just roll with it?
Cait: In the two weeks that we were home for the wedding, it was the only day that was cold and rainy! But they say it is good luck! And it makes for good photos! We were actually meant to be married in the forest, so this meant Steve and I had to make the decision in the morning to move the ceremony to the chapel (we did this over the phone not in person haha) So we had to wing the decor a bit.

One of my bridesmaids was a hero and bought the shawls the day before from a material shop and just cut them up for each of us. Don’t know how we would have coped without them! On the day we didn’t take too much notice as we were distracted by all the fun we were having!Hooray: We LOVE your bridesmaids matching jarmies and your beautiful robe – where did you source these from, or did your bridesmaids organize these?
Cait: One of my bridesmaids bought the bridesmaids jarmies for us from MRP (the same hero who organized the shawls last minute!) And got them printed so beautifully. I got my robe from my sister in law (to be at the time) as a pressie for the day. It was from Poetry. It was a lifesaver because it turned out to be freezing on the day!Hooray: Tell us about your bridesmaids and groomsmen?
Cait: We had 6 bridesmaids and Groomsmen each for the wedding, made up of both family and friends. Each one of them so special to us and played a specific role in our lives at all different stages of our lives.
Hooray: Did you bring anything with you from the UK or was absolutely everything sourced here?
Cait: We could obviously only bring over what we could fit in our suitcases so I brought some small decor things which I found over in the UK but I couldn’t go too overboard. I also bought the bridesmaid dresses, their shoes and their trinkets for the day. But I had to keep it minimal. Luckily the venue comes with all the fairy lights so that was a big win with respect to decor!Hooray: What role did your parents play in your wedding?
Cait: Our parent’s all helped us so much in their own ways. They each contributed to the wedding in ways by paying for specific bits of it and/or taking specific tasks off of our plate – which helped immensely as it really takes a village to pull it off! Steve’s mom specifically took on sourcing and styling all the flowers and did the most magical job! We really were so lucky with all the help.Hooray: Steve’s mom was in charge of your floral designs? Wow, tell us more!
Cait: Steve’s mom, Michelle, was an absolute angel and took all of the flower responsibilities off of my hands. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her. I told her what I was envisioning and sent her a few pictures and then she created everything herself. She is an amazing artist (check out @art_by_shel_offerman on Instagram) so it came so naturally to her. This obviously saved us a lot of money! Michelle did get a lady to do the bouquets and flower pins for the men.  Her name is Julie Walker and her business is called Story. And a friend ended up doing the cross of roses for the chapel in the morning when we decided to move there last minute.Hooray: The best moment of your wedding day?
Cait: The ceremony for sure. Steve’s uncle married us and so it was very personal with stories – he had everyone laughing and crying throughout the ceremony, so it was very special and emotional.Hooray: Your wedding looked like it was such a JOL! Any funnies that happened once the drinks started flowing?
Cait: It really was! We danced all night! When the DJ was supposed to end at 12, the dance floor was still full. So the DJ went outside for a break and to chat to us to see if we wanted to carry on. While he was outside, one of Steve’s groomsmen plugged his phone into the DJ set so everyone can carry on jolling. Once the DJ came back to carry on playing, the groomsmen comes to us and tells us so proudly how his music inspired the DJ to come back and keep playing and he saved the wedding, meanwhile we had just paid the DJ outside 😂Hooray: The one thing you would change about your wedding if you could travel back in time?
Cait: Honestly nothing! I don’t believe in looking back and having regrets. The one thing I was going to forgo in order to cut costs, and in hindsight we are so glad we did have, was a videographer.Hooray: Tell us more about why you were thinking of not having a videographer and what finally made you sway your mind to have one.
Cait: The only reason being that it is very costly and with all the other costs it seems like an obvious one to cut if you have a photographer, but honestly if you are thinking of cutting it I wouldn’t. It’s so different watching the wedding live and it brings back such a different feeling to the photos. We also have our speeches and vows forever to listen back too. It’s really worth it!Hooray: The biggest hurdle you faced planning your wedding?
Cait: We had been living in the UK together since the January of 2018 and so we did the majority of the planning from a distance. This was so difficult! We could only arrive a week before the wedding and thus had to fit all the meetings with the venue, photographers, etc within that week as well as do any DIY details to make it extra special. I would have liked to be able to do the little DIY details over the months leading up to the wedding but we couldn’t possibly bring everything over in suitcases and so that was the biggest hurdle for sure.

Caitlin and Steve, thank you so much for sharing a glimpse of your wedding day with us. It looked like the biggest party and your love for each other is so evident in all the photos.

We wish you many happy years ahead!

Magic Makers

Photographer: Courtney Clegg Photography
Videographer: The Shank Tank
Venue: Shalwyn Wedding Venue and Conference Centre
Caterer: Hamblins Catering
Cake: My wonderful Aunty Gill Leake
(she also did hundreds of macarons which went down so well)
Dress: MadewithLove
Bridesmaids Dresses: Boohoo
Hair and Make-up: Blush Pro Makeup Agency
Grooms attire: Old Khaki
DJ: Sound Barrier, Derek Bennet


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