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When we first saw this wedding, we knew we just had to feature it!
A wedding teepee, hula hooping, a bestie serenading Steph down the aisle, and saying their “I do’s” on the beach surrounded by their closest family and friends, made this wedding truly amazing!

The detail that went into this wedding day is so evident and when we found out how many different pieces were sourced and inspired from different destinations in the world, its no wonder their day turned out as unique as it did!

Read on below to see how they brought it all together

All images by Little Things

Hooray: Jan and Steph, please tell us a bit more about yourselves.
Our names are Jan and Steph.

We actually met in high school; Port Shepstone High, on the lower South Coast. However, we were only acquaintances throughout our schooling years. We became good friends after school, and started dating in 2012. Hooray: Tell us about your proposal
Jan : It was Steph’s birthday weekend in 2016. We had already been in Taiwan for a year. I took her to a seaside area called Kenting to celebrate, because the beach is her absolute favourite ! On the Saturday night, I pretended I was giving her a gift (it was a book filled with memories of all our years together). On the last page it said ” I talked to your dad, go pick out a white dress” (Taylor Swift lyrics), and when she looked up, I was down on one knee, ring in hand. Haha, rest is history!Hooray: What was the one non-negotiable of your wedding
J + S: Would definitely say that we wanted it to be completely representative of our “chilled” and laid back personalities. So basically, no unnecessary bells and whistles; just lots of fun! Hooray: Game of thrones. Who is the bigger fan? How did you incorporate this into your wedding day?
Jan: I think we would argue about who the bigger GOT fan is, lol! We are both equally obsessed. I think our taste in character and plot varies to a certain extent though. Because I’m such a geek; I was able to incorporate the theme into so many aspects of my prep. Whereas Steph preferred to stick to the bohemian theme. Hooray: Steph, your dress is AMAZING! Who made it?
Jan: Steph’s dress was designed by Michael of “Saldana Vintage”. He’s based in Los Angeles. Hooray: How did you choose your photographer
J + S: Tammy McCarter went to the same high school as us. Jan and Tammy had been old friends. Her photography is excellent so there was really no question about it. Hooray: Be honest, how many hours did you spend on Pinterest?
Steph : From the minute Jan proposed to me, up until our actual wedding day!

Hooray: The biggest hurdle you faced planning your wedding?
Jan: Steph’s mom passed away in September 2017. She had been such a huge part of our wedding planning. Her death dealt us with a very painful blow. Due to our grieving process, we actually postponed our wedding from our original planned date. It was an extremely difficult time, and we missed her presence more than we can explain. Hooray: Who was serenading you down the aisle? What did he sing?
Jan: Our friend Jacob serenaded Steph’s walk down the aisle. We’ve known him for years. He sang “A Thousand Years” , by Christina Perri. Hooray: That ceremony teepee – we have all the heart eyes! Who made it?
J + S: Our “naked teepee” was designed and made by Wendy from “Tablescapes Weddings by Design” Hooray: Your hand washing ceremony? Can you tell us more?
J + S: Our hand washing ceremony was basically a symbol of our new journey as a married couple. The water symbolically represented washing away the past, and starting on a new path. Hooray: Tell us about your bridesmaids and groomsmen?
J + S: Our teams consisted of friends and family who are very close to our hearts. Due to the atmosphere of our wedding, there wasn’t any room for any challenges or “worst experiences”. Just lots of whiskey and champagne that made everybody get along! Hooray: What role did your parents play in your wedding? Did they contribute financially?
J + S: Our parents were very supportive and involved in many aspects of our special day. They insisted on contributing financially to the catering, even though we did not expect it.

Hooray: Who designed your rings?
J + S: Our rings were designed by “Juno Stone And Silver”. They’re based in Byron Bay, Australia. Hooray: Wait! Are Steph’s earrings and the emblem on the back of your shirt the same??
Jan: Steph’s earrings and my emblem are actually not the same, but they’re very similar. Ironically, we didn’t plan that! Hooray: Your tribe looks so cool, how did you decide what they were going to wear?
Steph : My tribe’s clothing was inspired by my love for flowers and nature. Feminine, flowy and free!
Jan : The clothing I chose for my “matrimony homies” was inspired by my own fashion sense and Indian heritage. I’m into an urban hipster/bohemian look and I wanted this to be reflected in how we all looked.
**Hooray Side Note: Matrimony Homies – LOVE! We are definitely keeping that one in our Hooray Wedding Dictionary! Hooray: Hula hooping!!! Tell us more!?
Jan: The hula hooping was just something we thought our guests would enjoy, and an activity to keep the fun flowing. It was a good laugh for all, and especially a good laugh for me watching Steph do it hahaha. Hooray: The inspiration behind your decor?
Steph: Our decor was basically inspired by our deep love for art. We wanted to incorporate a feel of our own home in Taiwan, and our everyday lives.

Hooray: Were those dream catchers your favours? Tell us more!
Jan: Yes, the dream catchers were our wedding favours. Steph feels deeply connected to the sacred meaning behind dream catchers. We felt that this would be more meaningful than the regular favours that couples have chosen in the past. Hooray: The best moment of your wedding day?
J + S: To be honest, it’s very difficult to pinpoint an exact best moment. However, our ceremony was magical. We felt free and surrounded by love.

Hooray: The one thing you would change about your wedding if you could travel back in time
J + S: Wouldn’t change an absolute thing.

Jan and Steph, we are so glad that your wedding day turned out to be everything you dreamed of and more. We wish you many more years ahead filled with all things unique and magical – just like the two of you!

Magic Makers:

Venue: The Laughing Forest
Photography: Little Things Pics
Videography: Wedding Frames Film Company
Flowers + Decor: Tablescapes Wedding by Design
M.C: Leah Jasmine
Steph’s Dress: Saldana Vintage
Hair and Make up: Leandri Hattingh
Cake: Chef Stephen Morris (Steph’s dad)
Caterers: The Laughing Forest
DJ : DJ Riaan
Rings: Juno Stone and Silver
Wedding Teepee: Tablescapes Wedding by Design

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