Kerri and Cam

Kerri and Cam’s wedding day was held at a friend’s farm, and was budget friendly and sentimental all wrapped into one beautiful ball of love.
Their aisle was made up of rugs from her Granny and Grandpa’s house.
Her family not only grew their wedding flowers, but also created all their bouquets and arrangements.
Also, not to mention, she wore his socks.

An intimate affair for close family and friends.

Their wedding day is proof that you can have the most spectacular day without spending an arm and a leg. 

They kept themselves and their love for each other in the forefront of their mind, and this is all so evident in their pictures.

Read on up on their budget saving tips, and some near disasters…
Take it away Kerri and Cam…

Hooray: Hey guys, please introduce yourself to the Hooray readers.
Kerri: We are Cam and Kerri Selby. We met at church and I was NOT keen, Cam knew he wanted to marry me as soon as he met me, but he was actually dating another girl. He is a lot younger than me and I just couldn’t see it happening. We were friends and bonded over similar turbulent childhoods and actually just really got along and spent tonnes of time laughing. Once his relationship ended, our friendship (with Cams pursuing) turned into a relationship and it’s been a crazy ride since then haha. We’ve been dating almost 3 years.

Hooray: Can you guys tell us about your proposal?
Kerri: We went out for dinner with friends, and me being a granny and wanting to stay home, almost ruined it! My one friend offered to braid my hair, my other friend tried to hype girl my outfit. (It was a team effort.) My beautiful friend Abi Thompson even filmed it! She also filmed our wedding video, I love that she was there right from the beginning. 

Cam: It was almost ruined because it was pouring with rain and we were under a tin roof so it was hard to hear. I was very nervous and slightly worried she’d say no because we hadn’t been together for the ‘typical’ length of time.

Hooray: What was the one non-negotiable of your wedding?
C + K: A good photographer and an intimate setting.

Hooray: How did you choose your photographer?
C + K: Instagram! We knew we wanted a ‘documentary’ vibe and someone who took beautiful photos. Our budget was so tight so we actually didn’t think we’d find someone that we loved. But Maresha was able to work with us on our budget and actually was so lovely about it.

Hooray: Be honest, how many hours did you spend on Pinterest?
Kerri: Way too many! Especially if it’s counting the hours before I even started dating Cameron… I had a board called ‘Wedding Day for Never’ because I never thought I’d get married!

Hooray: Tell us about your bridesmaids and groomsmen?
Kerri: Our bridal party were the absolute best human beings we could’ve asked for and we honestly couldn’t have been more thankful for their love and so much graciousness. Without them, I don’t think we would’ve had a wedding. They planned the most amazing bachelor and bachelorette parties you could imagine, they listened and offered advice, they did so much heavy lifting and just honestly their happiness on the day made it so special. It was also my Maid of Honours birthday! She was so chilled about it but I made sure we had a cheeky gin.

My only ‘worst’ part would probably be that my childhood friend, Lani, couldn’t be a bridesmaid. We’d spoken about it our whole high school but she is in New Zealand.

Hooray: What role did your parents play in your wedding? Did they contribute financially?
C + K: We mostly paid for everything together. 

Kerri: My mom paid for my dress and my bridesmaids dresses, and my stepdad surprised us with paying for the balance of our photographer! We made a decision to have a wedding within our means so that helped a lot. 

Cam: My dad sorted out the stretch tent for us and he also supplied the sound! That was huge because our wedding was outdoors and at a friends farm.

Hooray: The one thing you would change about your wedding if you could travel back in time?
Kerri: Probably experiencing a lot of family heartache and disappointment leading up to it. I spent a lot of time feeling so heartbroken about some drama and I wish I hadn’t had to experience that because it took away from the ‘fun’. 

Cam: Yeah agreed, watching Kerri going through the sad stuff was really hard for me to see.

Hooray: The biggest hurdle you faced planning your wedding?
C + K: Our budget, absolutely.

Hooray: We love the intimate vibes, did you always want a small wedding?
Kerri: Hmm.. No. Our budget determined our guest list, I’m glad now that we had an intimate ceremony but there were a lot of people that we weren’t able to invite however we interacted with everyone on the day and that rocked. I loved our intimate vibe, it was so chilled and relaxed.

Hooray: Full on black suits, these look so smart! Who decided on these?
C + K: We separately liked the idea of full black suits and then when we started discussing the outfits we realised that we both had the same idea.

Hooray: Your necklace, is there a story behind this? Or is it just something pretty 🙂
Kerri: I’m a kiwi and my necklace is a Koru from New Zealand. The Koru symbolises new life and growth, which was appropriate. You’re not suppose to buy them for yourself, my mom had bought it for my birthday in February so it was a lot of self restraint not to wear I before! It meant a lot to me to have ‘home’ present on the day because NZ was so far away.

Hooray: The best moment of your wedding day?
Kerri: Seeing Cameron at the end of the aisle.

Cam: Seeing Kerri walk down the aisle!
**Hooray Side Note: Altogether now, aaaaaahhh!

Hooray: We believe there was a story behind your wedding dress. Care to share or is it a sore subject?
Kerri: I was pretty naive and let the stress of a budget get on top of me, so I found someone cheap and just went with it. It took 4 months of “fittings” and my dress was never done. My mom came to the last fitting I had, inside I was dying because I hated the dress but I didn’t want to sound ungrateful or put pressure on everyone so I kept quiet. My mom sent me a voice note a day or so later saying ‘Kerri I love you and Im scared you’re going to get upset with me but that dress is disgusting’ I started crying because I hated it too and told her that I hated it. So super mom made a plan, called a dressmaker, Nikki Roux, and in 8 days Nikki made the most amazing dress. It took two fittings. I’m also pretty sure she had to watch me cry because I was so grateful for her. My original dressmaker also made disaster bridesmaids dresses, so we last minute ordered from ‘Infinity Wrap Dresses- Custom Made SA’ which was a gamble because I found them on FB but they were made in 8 days and were perfect. Originally the bridesmaids were wearing black, and we changed them to a dark green because my mom begged for the colour change! I’m glad we did because they looked cool in the forest. 

Cam: I was furious, watching Kerri be upset and uncomfortable in something that was meant to make her feel special was very frustrating. Especially as there was barely any time. 

Hooray: The speeches seemed to be very emotional, so many tears! Who cried the most?
Cam: I think we both did an equal amount of crying, haha. There has been a lot of family history through the years and hearing some of the loving words, especially from my dad, it was emotional. I cried with Kerri’s speech, she spoke about how far we’d come and how she was excited to watch me grow further in the future. 

Kerri: Cam’s dad’s speech made me VERY emotional because I knew how much it meant to Cam. I made myself cry during my speech because I had never thought anyone would want to marry me, and realising that I was loved and I’d made it through a hard childhood to that point was a LOT. Cam arranged for my best friends from NZ also voice note in speeches, and I fully lost it then, I missed home especially with planning a wedding and so that was so special. 

Hooray: What time did everything wrap up?
Cam: The wedding ended at 4.30pm, I wish it could’ve gone longer! Yes, we had a day wedding. My amazing friends, The Gauches, allowed us to use their farm for our wedding, it was not a wedding venue and being a farm we chose to have it during the day. We invited our guests back to the hotel (where we got ready) to come party. We booked out their bar, organised welcome shots and platters and had a glitter bar. It was unconventional and not at all ‘wedding traditional’ but it was us.

Hooray: What flavour was your wedding cake – it looks delicious!
C + K: Carrot! The little bit we had tasted amazing, wish we’d got more!

Hooray: Did you enjoy having a day wedding?
Kerri: I flipping LOVED having a day wedding, purely because we spent the ENTIRE wedding with our guests. We didn’t leave for photos after the ceremony because we wanted that afternoon/sunset light and instead laughed and chatted with them. So after everyone had gone home, we had our creative shoot with Maresha and Abigael Thompson who was our videographer.

Hooray: Were the enamel mugs your favours? Tell us more.
Cam: Yup, I love hiking and I had an enamel mug connected to a hiking bag that I love. Kerri designed the stickers and we got them printed and stuck them on.

Kerri: I hate hiking, but I loved watching Cam with his stupid hiking kit and really wanted to have something sentimental and not just have favours to ‘have’ favours.

Last thoughts from Kerri: 

With wedding planning; Pinterest, instagram and magazines etc it can get very overwhelming and I often needed to remind myself that it was about us. Our love and becoming a family. 

So we made sure to use as many sentimental things as possible…. We got married on a carpet from our lounge, this was the first ‘house’ thing we ever bought as a couple. The aisle was lined with my granny and grandpas Persian rugs from their house that I grew up with, my grandfather passed away and my granny has pretty severe Alzheimers, this was my way of having them there. My ‘borrowed’ granny, Sheila, grew the flowers and plants for the bouquets, she made mine, the bridesmaids and the boys boutonnieres, we both really loved them. Our date was incredibly significant to us. Cam got to watch a video I made with all our ‘funny’ videos from when we first started dating. Our cake topper was a polaroid from way back in our relationship. And on the day I realised I didn’t have socks so I searched Cams ‘overnight bag’ and had to use his old blue ones! We love each other, and that was what was important. 

We were incredibly lucky with our wedding. We had so much love and graciousness poured into us, and without this our wedding would not be what it was. We were gifted so much from our incredibly talented friends and family instead of the traditional ‘registry’ or gift route. From the videography to the stretch tent to the champagne. We were loved above and beyond.

Kerri and Cam, thank you so much for sharing your day with us. We hope it shows brides that they don’t have to have all the extras and they don’t have to go OTT. An intimate day is amazing and you guys pulled it off spectacularly! Wishing you many more years ahead of love, laughter and wearing each others socks!

Magic Makers: 

Photographer: Maresha-Lee Photography
Videographer: Abigael Thompson from The Wedding Crashers
Venue: The Gauches Farm
Getting ready venue: The Wartburger Hof Hotel
Cake: Lara from Bridglee Coffee Shop
Make Up: Deanne Roodt
Hair: Claire Glancey – Fusion Hair
Suits: Suit Yourself
Dress: Nikki Roux
Handpainted Jacket: Mary Paints Weddings
Coffee: The Coffee Minsta
Food: Brunchies
Tent: Porta-tents
Marquee Lights: Aisle Hire It
Welcome Sign: Shindig
Mini: Gifted for the weekend by SMG Mini Umhlanga Rocks.

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