Matt + Annie

So we have been hiding this gem of a wedding up our sleeves for a while, but we have been oh so determined to share it with you all!

Matt and Annie are nothing but traditional and went against the “norm” of wedding traditions to create THEIR perfect day – we love this!

From getting ready together, to having a “ceremony couch” – this wedding has the most amazing inspiration for the bride and groom that want to put their own unique stamp on their day.

Matt and Annie shared with us the best moments of their wedding day as well as spilling the beans on who was most emotional during the day (hint: it was not Matt or Annie!)

Read on to read more about their magical day!

Photography by Kavo R Photography

Hi guys, please introduce yourself to the Hooray readers.
M + A: Matthew and Annie, we met through mutual friends at a night out at House of Curries. We were friends first then only started dating after some time. We had been dating for 6 years when we got engaged.

Hooray: Okay, hang on, your PJ’s are so cute! Tell us more, where did you get them?
Matt: Annie’s mum got the pajamas from Woolies and had them printed for us. We still wear them regularly 🙂

Hooray: Okay, lets carry on… Tell us about your proposal
Annie: We went for a weeklong holiday in Mauritius and a few days in, Matthew wanted to find a beautiful, quiet, private spot so he asked to go for a walk. There were a lot of beach goers and we had to walk quite far before finding the perfect spot where he proposed under the palm trees looking out over the ocean.
**Hooray side note: This sounds absolutely maaagical!

Hooray: Matt, we love that you included your brothers in getting ready. Did they have any important roles to play?
Matt: My brothers were my “groomsmen” – it was fun getting ready together and helped them feel more relaxed as they didn’t really know what to expect. Both are so young, they hadn’t really been to a wedding before. Both my brothers and Annie’s brothers helped in too many ways to count. When things needing to be done they took care of it for us making our day more relaxed and enjoyable.

Hooray: That’s amazing! Tell us about the rest of your bridal party.
M + A: Annie’s brother was her “man of honour”, he was very helpful and supportive, especially in the last week leading up to the wedding. Matt had his two younger brothers as groomsmen they were also fantastic and put in a lot of effort making sure the day ran smoothly. We are all very close so there weren’t any bad experiences.

Hooray: What was it like seeing each other before the wedding? Did it dispel any nerves?
M + A: We aren’t traditional in any way. It was nice to wake up together and have a bit of a morning routine, a walk down to the beach and a coffee together. It definitely helped calm both of us and it was fun getting ready together.

Hooray: Matt, you got your hair professionally styled on your big day, would you encourage more grooms to do so?
Matt: Oh yes, I’m really glad Annie’s hair stylist did my hair for me. It’s just one less thing to worry about, she is also a good friend of mine so it was a fun experience!

Hooray: Where did you get married? What drew you to this place?
M + A: We got married at Jex estate (now Olwandle Estate). Finding a venue was very difficult we had a few requirements – allowing outside catering, beautiful natural setting, space for our families to spend the night and a big tree to get married under oh and of course budget. This was the only venue we found that checked all the boxes. We were very happy with the space and surrounding scenery.

Hooray: Who played at your wedding?
Matt: The guitarist was Annie’s cousin Gregan, who is a musician. She asked him to play an acoustic version of “Over the hills and far away” by Led Zepplin.

Hooray: What were you feeling when Annie saw you for the first time?
Matt: Excitement and nerves. But mostly excitement to be marrying her
**Hooray side note: All together now, ahhhhhh!

Hooray: Hand henna – who did it and was there a reason behind this?
Matt: The henna artist was Husnaa Kajee, she is an amazing artist. Annie chose to do it because we had seen it on so many of our brides and Annie loved the look of it. We also know Husnaa well from working with her so she was the perfect fit. We even had an evening at home with a few of the ladies almost like a hens night but very chilled with all the ladies having their henna done and some snacks and games.

Hooray: Tell us about the couch at the end of the aisle.
M + A: Haha, we both suffer from social anxiety and don’t like being the “centre of attention”, The couch was there so that we could be seated for the ceremony should we feel overwhelmed. It was also nice to face our guests instead of having our back turned to them.

Hooray: Seems like such a relaxed feel to your day with a warm and welcoming environment, so nice to see something different to the formal pre-wedding segregation. Is this what you always wanted?
M + A: We aren’t traditional, so when we started planning our wedding we really wanted to do things our own way and scrapped a lot of wedding traditions we felt didn’t suit us – we created our day and own “traditions”. We wanted a comfortable fun day and it turned out exactly as we wanted. A fun relaxed wedding day without any pressure to do things they weren’t meaningful to us.

Hooray: Your favourite moment of the ceremony?
Matt: When Annie was walking down the aisle to me.
Annie: Looking into each other’s eyes while the Officiator was talking about love.

Hooray: There didn’t seem to be a dry eye in the house! Who cried the most during the ceremony?
M + A: Our brothers, the oldest of my two younger brothers and Annie’s brother who was also her “man-of-honour” cried throughout the whole ceremony, when they were congratulating us and during her brother’s speech.

Hooray: What role did your parents play in your wedding?
M + A: Our parents helped a lot with organization and financially. Annie’s mom also made our beautiful wedding cake. They helped host and made sure all our guests were comfortable and taken care of. They really supported and helped us more than we could’ve ever imagined.

Hooray: Wow, the cake is so impressive, Annie’s mom is one talented lady!
Matt: Yes she is! She has made really awesome cakes for Annie’s birthday since she was little so the cake was really special to us.

Hooray: What was the vision behind your wedding day?
M + A: We wanted a fun, happy, relaxed day with family friends in a beautiful place. No stress, no rushing, no overly long formal event. Just everyone having a good time with great food enjoying themselves and spending time together.

Hooray: What was the one non-negotiable of your wedding?
M + A: Great food and photography were our biggest priorities, with all the rest we were quite flexible.

Hooray: Be honest, how many hours did you spend on Pinterest?
Annie: Haha, too many to count!

Hooray: How did you choose your photographer?
Matt: I had been following him on Instagram and really liked his style of work, we wanted someone who created interesting, unique images and who focuses mainly on documenting the moments of the day which Kavo does incredibly well. We have been very happy with our photographs.Hooray: The biggest hurdle you faced planning your wedding?
M + A: Finding a suitable venue. We needed a venue that would allow outside catering, was available on one of our dates that worked for us, had outdoor space for the ceremony and was within our budget. This took us a few months but once we had that reserved the rest fell into place as we already knew who we wanted as vendors.

Hooray: The one thing you would change about your wedding if you could travel back in time?
M + A: Nothing it was the perfect day.

Hooray: We LOVE Annie’s dress, what was the inspo behind it?
Matt: Annie had seen a picture of a dress she liked on Pinterest and the dress maker created a more personalized version of what she wanted, She loved that it suited her personality and was comfortable for her to wear.

Hooray: Lastly, can you tell us the best moment of your wedding day?
Matt: When Annie walked down the aisle.
Annie: Seeing Matt’s face when I walked down the aisle, and the ceremony itself.

Matt and Annie, thank you so much for sharing your day with us today, we love how you stayed true to who you are and created your day around that. The love that surrounds the two of you is so evident in all the pictures!

Wishing you many more years ahead filled with love and happiness!

Magic Makers

Venue: Jex Estate now Olwandle Estate
Photographer: Kavo R Photography
Videographer: elephantsbelly
Brides Dress: Iqbal Osman
Groom Attire: Tailor Me
Cake: Brides Mom – Monika Dunnington
Hair – Sawleha – Glam Hair Don’t Care
Officiator – Peter Butterworth
Decor – Nstyle Events 

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