Nicola + Edge – A Durban Elopement

This elopement is a particularly special share for us, as Nicola is a dear friend of ours. Nicola, a brand consultant who has worked with many many small businesses and runs the Ask Ashe Blog, recently presented a workshop for us on Social Media. She is an intelligent, outspoken and witty business woman…all of our favorite things. And here she is to tell us about her elopement that happened exactly 1 year ago. Happy Anniversary Nicola and Edge.

HoorayWeddings_ChristyHoskingPhotography_Nicola+Edge__019Hooray: How would you describe the style of your wedding?
Nicola: Some people dream of their wedding day forever before it happens. That wasn’t me. I spent years planning and designing stuff for other people’s weddings, so I was well versed in the traditions, ceremonies and ‘all the things’ that are expected – and I wanted none of it! So our wedding style was decided right from the get-go – it would be as down-to-earth and simple as possible. And that ended up being an elopement.
Once we’d decided to elope, it all fell into place.
It was all about us and we could worry about the things we wanted to make the day memorable and not much else.

Our colours were black, grey and rose gold, with accents of white and we incorporated some quirky things into our day, like a sugar skull pin from Ghost Goods on Edge’s lapel and my black wedding dress made by Kathrin Kidger.
It’s been referred to as a ‘Day of the Dead’ wedding ever since 😉

HoorayWeddings_ChristyHoskingPhotography_Nicola+Edge__003 HoorayWeddings_ChristyHoskingPhotography_Nicola+Edge__004 HoorayWeddings_ChristyHoskingPhotography_Nicola+Edge__022Hooray: Where did your wedding take place and why did you choose that venue?
Nicola: We got married at home on our front porch, in a civil ceremony with just 4 witnesses – it was perfect! This felt more intimate than getting married in court and I’m so glad Joelene from ‘Oh Happy Day‘ convinced us to go this route 🙂

HoorayWeddings_ChristyHoskingPhotography_Nicola+Edge__001Hooray: A black dress is not traditional, but we think it is stunning none-the-less. Tell us about it.
Nicola: My dress was designed and made by Kathrin Kidger, who is a good friend who totally got that I had no desire to be in a white wedding dress. I pinned a few ideas, went for one fitting and measurement and then went back to try on my dream dress in black lace. It took one last adjustment for it to be perfect and Kathrin was phenomenal throughout!

I must add that I did do the bridal gown try-on extravaganza at some of Durban’s bridal shops and it was a hilarious mess of white taffeta, corsets, and lots of boobage – so at least I had the ‘experience’!

HoorayWeddings_ChristyHoskingPhotography_Nicola+Edge__018Hooray: Now it’s the groom’s turn. Where did you find your get up?
Nicola: For Edge’s suit we wanted something traditional and tailored, so we hunted Durban for black suits that were slim-fitting and not shiny – not easy!
We found one at Zara and then accessorized it with the sugar skull pin from Ghost Goods which we bought in Cape Town while on holiday.

HoorayWeddings_ChristyHoskingPhotography_Nicola+Edge__009Hooray: If you think back to that magical day, is there a moment that stands out for either of you?
Nicola: At the end of our photoshoot on top of the Royal Hotel there was a moment when we just looked at each other and realised we were married. Edge picked me up and swung me in the air – a moment captured perfectly by our photographer Christy Hosking. I remember the moment precisely.
Even more so because we now think it’s when Edge put his back out! 😉

HoorayWeddings_ChristyHoskingPhotography_Nicola+Edge__005 HoorayWeddings_ChristyHoskingPhotography_Nicola+Edge__007Hooray: Was there anything that you were particularly worried about on or leading up to the day?
Nicola: I suddenly got very nervous a few days before our planned elopement, that we were doing the wrong thing by not having a big wedding. One chat with Edge and all was good though – we were doing what we wanted and despite some people being upset, it was all about us and that was important to us.

HoorayWeddings_ChristyHoskingPhotography_Nicola+Edge__008 HoorayWeddings_ChristyHoskingPhotography_Nicola+Edge__011 HoorayWeddings_ChristyHoskingPhotography_Nicola+Edge__006Hooray: Did you have children at your wedding? 
Nicola: We had Edge’s kids as our ring bearer and flower girl – probably the main reason we had a ceremony at all, was to make them feel included in our day and to celebrate with them. It was perfect!

Hooray: What did you find most challenging about planning your wedding?
Nicola: Planning an elopement still involves quite a bit of planning and I was totally unsure about how a civil ceremony worked, what getting married at home entailed, etc. Which is why having Joelene from ‘Oh Happy Day‘ was the most awesome thing ever – she worked it all out, made all the arrangements, sorted out everything beforehand and then managed everything on the day – she was brilliant!

HoorayWeddings_ChristyHoskingPhotography_Nicola+Edge__012 HoorayWeddings_ChristyHoskingPhotography_Nicola+Edge__021Hooray:  “We could have done without….” 
Nicola: Nothing! We didn’t do anything or have anything we didn’t want – eloping was the best decision we ever made!

Hooray “Best spent money was on…”
Nicola: We kept everything local, so our wedding planner Joelene, cupcakes from Smith’s Bakeshop and macarons from Daniella’s, as well as my dress from Kathrin Kidger and our photographer Christy Hosking, made it a truly Durban affair.

HoorayWeddings_ChristyHoskingPhotography_Nicola+Edge__013Hooray: What was your biggest priority when planning your wedding?
Nicola: The Photographer

Hooray: If you had an unlimited budget, would you have done anything differently?
Nicola: Nope, not at all.
We might have had a longer honeymoon…

HoorayWeddings_ChristyHoskingPhotography_Nicola+Edge__016 HoorayWeddings_ChristyHoskingPhotography_Nicola+Edge__015Hooray: Were there any DIY elements to your day?
Nicola: Ruby + Swallow designed our elopement announcement card which was going to be printed with rose gold foil. One card was going to be hellishly expensive, so Kim foiled it by hand – flipping rockstar!

Hooray: “We are so grateful to…”
Nicola: Joelene, Kendal, Kathrin, Christy & Morgan for making our day feel so special – we know you’re used to working with much bigger crowds, but having you all to ourselves was so awesome!

HoorayWeddings_ChristyHoskingPhotography_Nicola+Edge__020Hooray: Now that it’s all over and you have had time to reflect, what advice would you give your bestie?
Nicola: Elope!
Haha, no seriously, almost everyone I’ve seen, since we eloped, has said they’d do the same given another chance!

Nicola + Edge, thank you so much for sharing your special, intimate day with us. We feel super privileged that you are letting us in on this super personal day in your life! We know everything with you two is super rock n roll and true to your nature. We look forward to seeing what your next adventure in the beautiful life brings.

Magic Makers
Co-ordination: Oh Happy Day 
Stationary: Ruby + Swallow
Dress: Katherin Kidger Designs
Photography: Christy Hosking Photography
Makeup: Kendyl McPherson
Cupcakes: Smiths Bakeshop
Macarons: Daniela’s






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  1. Janet W Perry says:

    I love this! You both looked amazing. The pics are stunning. Everything makes sense about an elopement. I think we would’ve eloped but bowed in the end to family pressure not to grrrrr. Well done, congratulations and thank you for sharing!

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