Real Wedding – High fashion Urban style CBD wedding

With Samantha being a fashion stylist, creating a look of high fashion chic was key. She opted for a black, white and gold colour scheme and followed a ‘High fashion Urban Style’ theme which you will see reflected throughout, from the bridesmaids dresses through to the decor.  The starting point in creating her fashion-focused wedding was the venue she chose, 8 Morrison, in the heart of the Durban CBD…most unsuspecting and oh-so trendy. 

Hooray Weddings Blog | A High Fashion Durban Urban weddinghoorayweddings_highfashionurbanwedding_002hoorayweddings_highfashionurbanwedding_003hoorayweddings_highfashionurbanwedding_004Hooray: Your wedding dress is exquisite. Tell us all about how you found ‘the one’
Sam: This was extremely stressful. Being in fashion, with loads of friends in the industry, I felt the pressure to impress. I didn’t want anything to poofy and “bridal”. My criteria was fitted, thin straps, low back and some beautiful appliqué. I tried on a few dressed at Jasmins Bridal in Umhlanga and Sposabella on Windermere Road, however I just didn’t find what I was looking for After having a stress session with my MOH she suggested trying Jasmins on Ridge Rd which was a bridal salon not on my radar. When I tried on the dress that would ultimately be mine, I felt myself smile as I mentally checked the boxes. It was perfect and fitted like a glove!! It got super dirty on the night and I haven’t washed it yet. It’s part of the story

Hooray: Now its the groom’s turn. Where did you find your get up?
Kendall: Suit Yourself in Durban North. My fashionable bride made sure that we were all styled to perfection.

hoorayweddings_highfashionurbanwedding_005 hoorayweddings_highfashionurbanwedding_006 hoorayweddings_highfashionurbanwedding_008 hoorayweddings_highfashionurbanwedding_010 hoorayweddings_highfashionurbanwedding_011

Hooray: If you think back to that magical day, is there a moment that stands out for either of you?
Sam: My husband says the cliche, “how beautiful I looked” hahaha. I remember my husbands amazing speech!!! I loved loved LOVED it and couldn’t possibly be more proud of this man. To me, he became my husband in that moment.

Hooray: Was there anything that you were particularly worried about on or leading up to the day?
I was actually soooo calm on the day. My sister slept over and she got the champagne flowing early. While getting ready I had Maxwell playing in the background. It was a beautiful spring sunny day! I am notoriously late for everything so that was my number one worry. And we didn’t do too badly.

Hooray: Did you have children at your wedding? Any regrets? Any thoughts on the matter?
My 4 year old was at the wedding. He was the only child at the wedding, and I’m glad there weren’t more as he made quite a bit of noise all on his own. He was supposed to be the ring boy but in the rush and amidst the nerves present at a wedding, that was forgotten about. It was an awesome moment seeing him in the crowd and it made me so teary eyed. I just remembered his beaming smiling face. I felt how in awe he was of me, which felt truly special. After the wedding he said to me that I looked so beautiful and that one day he would like to marry a girl just like me. That warmed my heart.

hoorayweddings_highfashionurbanwedding_012 hoorayweddings_highfashionurbanwedding_014 hoorayweddings_highfashionurbanwedding_015 hoorayweddings_highfashionurbanwedding_016

Hooray: The bridesmaids are HAWT girl! Tell us about their outfits.
Sam: I gave them each a specific colour scheme to follow. I.e. All black/ black and gold. The other Criteria was that they had to have long dressed or skirts. They could do their own hair and in whatever style they chose. We accessorised once all the looks were confirmed.

hoorayweddings_highfashionurbanwedding_020 hoorayweddings_highfashionurbanwedding_021 hoorayweddings_highfashionurbanwedding_022 hoorayweddings_highfashionurbanwedding_023 hoorayweddings_highfashionurbanwedding_024 hoorayweddings_highfashionurbanwedding_025 hoorayweddings_highfashionurbanwedding_026 hoorayweddings_highfashionurbanwedding_029 hoorayweddings_highfashionurbanwedding_030 hoorayweddings_highfashionurbanwedding_031 hoorayweddings_highfashionurbanwedding_032 hoorayweddings_highfashionurbanwedding_033 hoorayweddings_highfashionurbanwedding_034 hoorayweddings_highfashionurbanwedding_035 hoorayweddings_highfashionurbanwedding_036hoorayweddings_highfashionurbanwedding_037

Hooray: What did you find most challenging about planning your wedding?
Sticking to the budget!! I love beautiful things and that, sadly, comes at a price.

Hooray: We could have done without….
In hindsight, I would have planned the wedding myself without the use of a wedding planner. We didn’t have the best wedding planner and sadly things didn’t go to well with him. I would not recommend him to anyone.

Hooray: Best spent money was on…
My ring and the photography

Hooray: What was your biggest priority when planning your wedding?
The Dress

Hooray: If you had an unlimited budget, would you have done anything differently?
Yes of course! I would have landed outside in a helicopter, had Cold Play sing live and this would have all gone down in Paris.

hoorayweddings_highfashionurbanwedding_038 hoorayweddings_highfashionurbanwedding_039 hoorayweddings_highfashionurbanwedding_040 hoorayweddings_highfashionurbanwedding_041

Hooray: Song choice for walking down the aisle?
We love Cold Play so, Sparks – Cold Play

Hooray: Song for first dance?
Amazing day – Cold Play

Hooray: Were you the first or last to leave your wedding?
We were the last! We love to party. The venue was even packing up around us.

Hooray: We are so grateful to…
Shoo there really are sooo many! Of course our parents who helped pay for our wedding. Our amazing priest, Father Michael from St Thomas Anglican who kept us so calm and laughing throughout. My stunning bridesmaids for the build up and being so amazing on the day. Carmen Roberts our photographer for staying very calm and super professional. She kept us all focused on what needed to happen next, which I loved!

hoorayweddings_highfashionurbanwedding_042 hoorayweddings_highfashionurbanwedding_043 hoorayweddings_highfashionurbanwedding_044

Hooray: Now that it’s all over and you have had time to reflect, what advice would you give your bestie?
Just smile and enjoy it! Don’t sweat the small stuff. I had so much go wrong on the day. I forgot my bouquet, my decor wasn’t anything that I had envisioned, my dress got dirty, we didn’t dance to the song we had chosen. But in all honesty, it is one day – and girl, shit happens! You gotta just love your day for what it is – it’s your story.


Venue: 8 Morrison
Photographer: Carmen Roberts
DJ: Clayton Kidd Aka Kid Groove
Wedding Dress: Jasmins Bridal
Groom’s suits: Suit Yourself
Bridesmaid dresses: Their own purchases
Rings: Intl Diamond Merchants, Musgrave
Cake: Sasha from Sugar Coated Cakes
Stationery: Ruby and Swallow 

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