Real Weddings 2019

2019 was the year of pushing boundaries. Over the top floral installations adorned in pampas grass and … were the go to at many weddings and gone were the days of blush pink and rose gold. (Although, we must admit, we will always be a sucker for this colour combo)

We saw some amazing weddings with in 2019 and loved sharing them all with our readers. 

Here is a wrap up of all the weddings Hooray featured in 2019.

  1. Corbin + Lisa
    Our first Real Wedding for the year, and it was a goodie!
    The Groom wore a green suit, the bride had burgundy lips. This wedding is proof that what is meant to be will always find its way! From family friends to a whirlwind romance, these star-crossed lovers first met when they were just 6 years old!The jewel tones, sophisticated stationery, The Glades Farm and of course, Kelly Daniels photography made us fall in LOVE, but what we loved the most, is the way Corbin & Lisa created so many little personal touches throughout their wedding, making this day incredibly unique and special to them!Click here to read the whole post. 
  2. Mimi + Kyle
    Gosh, who could forget this tropical oasis of a wedding? Bright pinks and monster leaves – we fell in love the first moment we insta-stalked it!
    Everything about Kyle and Mimi’s special day was executed to perfection.
    From the smallest detail, like Mimi’s beach inspired jewellery to the absolute tropical oasis, Oh Happy Day created, we just knew, we HAD to feature this gem of a wedding.We had a chat with both the bride, Mimi, and Jo from Oh Happy Day to find out more about this wedding that was obviously already in 2019 while we were all stuck in 2018 (2019 wedding trends on point!)
    Click here to read the whole post. 
  3. Michael + Jenn
    This wedding was everything and more! The most amazing destination wedding that had us wishing we were on the guest list!
    A wedding out of every girl’s dreams.
    Picture this: a week in Mauritius, sipping on cocktails, surrounded by your loved ones and at the end of the week, you get to marry your best friend. Now that’s what I call Paradise!
    Jennifer & Michael were blessed to be able to spend a whole week with their nearest and dearest on an island before they said their “I do’s”, and their pictures show all the love and relaxed vibes that everyone was experiencing.We would be lying if we said we were not green with envy looking through all their beautiful images, but they definitely helped us escape, so without further adieu, get ready to be swept away by Jenn & Michael’s wedding day.
    Click here to read the whole post. 
  4. Brittany + Enrico
    Another destination wedding for the books – Brittany and Enrico’s amazing wedding day in Italy was a dream!
    Brittany and I have known each other since Spice Girls days, all the way through to the end of school.
    After High School, Britts traveled far and wide but luckily Facebook kept everyone up to date with her adventures. During her travels, she fell in love and got married to the man of her dreams.
    When I saw her gorgeous wedding on Facebook,  I knew that we just had to share it!Brittany and Enrico said their “I do’s” on a sail boat on the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by their nearest and dearest.
    Yes, it is as dreamy as it sounds and we love how intimate and special their day seemed.Proteas all the way from South Africa, arriving on a tuk tuk, ukulele & guitar playing, and saying their vows in front of a castle in the ocean, just wow! Read on to get captivated by the magic of this beautiful wedding day!
    Click here to read the whole post. 
  5. Caitlin + Steve
    We fell in love with Caitlin’s Bachelorette, but then couldn’t keep our eyes off her wedding!
    Caitlin and Steve met through a mutual friend, fell in love, moved to the UK and now three years later, they are officially Mr. and Mrs.
    If you loved the look of Caitlin’s bachelorette we shared, then wait until you see the magic that is her wedding day.Simple, clean and elegant – this was the theme that Caitlin kept in mind throughout the planning process and she pulled off the most amazing day, all this while planning it all the way from the UK!
    Click here to read the whole post. 
  6. Arthi + Ashveer
    Just LOOK at that Sari – we had all the heart eyes for this special day!
    This gorgeous wedding captured by Kelly Daniels Photography, first caught our eye with all the beautiful Pink. Red is usually the traditional colour for Hindu brides, and we just love how Arthi and Ashveer decided to shun the norm and create a day true to them.
    With nature being the main theme, they chose an outdoor ceremony and decorated their tables with touches of rose quartz, which actually has a lovely story behind it, read on to find out more about this special day!Click here to read the whole post. 
  7. Wedfest: Em + Andrew
    THIS wedding! Staying true to themselves and ensuring their guests had the biggest jol – what more could you want!Guys, hold onto your hats because this wedding will honestly just blow you away!SIX cakes, festival wrist bands, glamping, and a whole lotta love going around, this wedding is the type that has a surprise waiting for you around every corner and we had to stop ourselves from asking Emily another 10 or 20 questions!WEDFEST
    The name says it all, this wedding was “festival inspired” and Em and Fuzz, along with their family and friends, really pulled off the most AMAZING day!
    Click here to read the whole post.
  8. Jan + Steph
    This wedding was gorgeous on just so many levels – you could just FEEL the love!
    When we first saw this wedding, we knew we just had to feature it!
    A wedding teepee, hula hooping, a bestie serenading Steph down the aisle, and saying their “I do’s” on the beach surrounded by their closest family and friends, made this wedding truly amazing!The detail that went into this wedding day is so evident and when we found out how many different pieces were sourced and inspired from different destinations in the world, its no wonder their day turned out as unique as it did!
    Click here to read the whole post. 
  9. Matt + Annie
    This wedding was what Bohemian Dreams are made form! From the bride’s gorgeous dress to an oh so relaxed setting – there was something for everyone….
    Matt and Annie are nothing but traditional and went against the “norm” of wedding traditions to create THEIR perfect day – we love this!From getting ready together, to having a “ceremony couch” – this wedding has the most amazing inspiration for the bride and groom that want to put their own unique stamp on their day.Matt and Annie shared with us the best moments of their wedding day as well as spilling the beans on who was most emotional during the day (hint: it was not Matt or Annie!)
    Click here to read the whole post. 
  10. Anneka + Richard
    Another gorgeous Mauritian wedding, but only 11 guests attended! The most beautiful intimate affair!
    We love destination weddings. There is something special about how intimate they are and the love seems to flow over.So when we saw Anneka and Richard’s gorgeous Mauritius wedding, we once again got swept up in the magic of their wedding day and we were so happy they allowed us to share it.They wanted to do things different and not “condemn” their guests to another buffet style wedding. So with fresh seafood, a traditional Sega procession and saying their vows on the beach, we are sure their UK guests walked away feeling oh so happy and relaxed after their wedding day.
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  11. Sarah + Conn
    Ah, a bush wedding! The perfect way to pay tribute to our South African roots!
    There were so many aspects to this wedding that we loved. Simple, clean and elegant, surrounded by nature and their loved ones – what is not to love?
    Sarah and Conn met 5 years ago at a bar in Joburg, they fell in love and now live together in Zambia.A bush wedding was always a dream for them and they pulled off the most spectacular day.
    Click here to read the whole post. 
  12. Kerri + Cam
    This perfect wedding day had us swooning every time we saw a sneak peak pop up on Insta!
    Kerri and Cam’s wedding day was held at a friend’s farm, and was budget friendly and sentimental all wrapped into one beautiful ball of love.

    Their aisle was made up of rugs from her Granny and Grandpa’s house.
    Her family not only grew their wedding flowers, but also created all their bouquets and arrangements.
    Also, not to mention, she wore his socks.An intimate affair for close family and friends.Their wedding day is proof that you can have the most spectacular day without spending an arm and a leg. They kept themselves and their love for each other in the forefront of their mind, and this is all so evident in their pictures.
    Click here to read the whole post. 
  13. Whitney + Mark
    We ended off the year with a BANG! Whitney + Mark’s wedding certainly pushed the boundaries of a “conventional” wedding and we are here for it ALL!
    Damn, this wedding is a whole bunch of sexy and a whole bunch of rock n roll.Mark and Whitney took their wedding to a total different level.
    In world filled with neutrals and pamapas grass, they brought disco balls, hot pink peonies, and bridesmaids who were dressed to kill. Gah! We love this wedding.Mark did ALL the stationery (yaaas boy) and Whitney was an absolute dream in her custom designed Sadie Bosworth Atelier dress. Also, did we mention her hair? Total hair goals.This wedding was effortless and sexy and cool, all wrapped in a hella lot of love and fun.
    We say it time and time again, we LOVE couples who are focussed on designing a day that is representative of them and who they are. This wedding is no exception.The Behn sisters captured this wedding to absolute perfection and we are so excited that we get to share it with you today. Get the pinterest board ready, and prepare for some major inspiration.
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And that’s a wrap on the weddings we featured in 2019. We are so looking forward to seeing what 2020 weddings have in store for us!

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