Wedfest: Em + Andrew

Guys, hold onto your hats because this wedding will honestly just blow you away!

SIX cakes, festival wrist bands, glamping, and a whole lotta love going around, this wedding is the type that has a surprise waiting for you around every corner and we had to stop ourselves from asking Emily another 10 or 20 questions!

The name says it all, this wedding was “festival inspired” and Em and Fuzz, along with their family and friends, really pulled off the most AMAZING day!

Grab yourself a cup of coffee and get ready to be swept away by the magic that was Em and Fuzz’s wedding day!

Hooray: Please introduce yourself to the Hooray readers.
Emily: Our names are Fuzz (Andrew) & Em. We met in Cape Town 10 years ago through mutual friends. I was studying interior design & Fuzz, Landscape architecture. Many a tiger night & Forries razzle topped by Splashy Fen in Natal paved our paths into mad romance & 9 years of dating 🙂

Hooray: Before we go further, we have to know, why Fuzz? Tell us about the nickname.
Emily: He had wild hair in junior school which got him his nickname Fuzz.
Hooray: Tell us more about your proposal
Emily: It happened on the day before Christmas… For 9 years we had only ever spent Christmas apart so we decided to have our own Christmas celebration the morning before we headed our separate ways for Christmas Eve to spend with our families. We got up at sunrise & made a flask of coffee; packed our gifts; the Bose speaker for Christmas tunes & a strand of tinsel in a back pack and set off on our hilltop hike. The hilltop is where we dream of building a home together one day. As we were nearing the last climb I suddenly realized I had left the coffee behind. Fuzz ran home and I continued up. I set out our blanket; wrapped a piece of tinsel around a small tree, which we had planted earlier that year & wrestled with our GSP puppy. Fuzz returned & I gave him his gift then he gave me mine which were a pair of binoculars, thrilled for my bird nerding. I was looking through the binos toward our Riverland where we host our New Year’s festival & then tried to see if anyone was awake in the family garden 2kms away when I turned around & he had positioned himself on the one & only “ONE KNEE” stance! As I looked at him his eyes welled up & we just hugged for a lifetime with tears streaming. We spent the morning just the two of us on the hilltop overlooking the Drakensberg mountains soaking it all in. Hooray: Inspiration behind WEDFEST?
Emily: Having thrown a few of our own Festival New Year’s eve parties & being involved with Splashy Fen we felt if we went with similar vibes to this & put a wedding spin onto it, it would give us the unique wedding we were looking for. Hooray: Tell us more about how you are involved in Splashy fen?
Emily: Fuzz is a partner at Impi Concept Events, who are the organisers of Splashy Fen. He is the creative director who spends the year maintaining the site, planting trees, building road ways & creating ebb & flow to create a quality experience within the village for the festival goers. Impi bring myself on board for creative assistance with the onsite decor design.

Hooray: The mug, the book, the arm band – how did this all work?
Emily: When guests arrived they were welcomed by our Steampunk beetle character who gave them each a tin mug; Festival wrist band & food coupon booklet. To keep our wedding eco-friendly we stayed clear of glass & plastic & used tin mugs instead. The food coupon booklet worked well to assist the caterers with quantities & stagger the courses throughout the day. We had starters rolling for 1 & half hours & then 2.5 hours for mains where guests could go use their coupons at their own leisure. Hooray: What was the one non-negotiable of your wedding?
Emily: Having an officiator to get legally married on the day.

Hooray: How did you choose your photographer?
Emily: Courtney shot my brother’s wedding earlier that year, I loved her energy & organic style of capturing moments. Hooray: Be honest, how many hours did you spend on Pinterest?
Emily: Many an hour!

Hooray: Tell us about your bridesmaids and groomsmen?
Emily: We chose our siblings & close friends, we were a large bridal party of 6 bridesmaids & 6 groomsmen. It was super festive!
Hooray: Bridesmaids dresses are different but the same, what was your vision here?
Emily: I was wanting something “festivally”. Inspired by Chotronette in France we designed chambray frocks with tassel trims for some added fun. Hooray: Your dress is a vision! Who made it? Is it exactly what you wanted?
Emily: It was more than what I had envisioned, I absolutely loved my dress. Tayla Hamilton designed the dress & then a wonderfully talented friend Sue Akerman worked on the embroidery. She embroidered beautiful birds, the one being a sunbird & an array of dainty & bold flowers by hand. Hooray: What role did your parents play in your wedding? Did they contribute financially?
Emily: Yes our folks both contributed financially towards the wedding. My dad George built our branch wedding arch & a curved garden aisle with rocks up righted. My mum & I then planted up around each rock to create a “living aisle” Fuzzes folks were amazing & helped us with all sorts: beautiful hanging baskets to place at our Glampsite & in our garden. Mark, Fuzzes dad, even got involved in making some of the bridesmaids flower crowns with his farmer hands. Having a home wedding, a lot of energy went into the garden, which my folks spent months tending to. We had the best family support over our wedding from Mark, Sandy, Kate & George. Hooray: Heart rock! Is there a story behind this rock?
Emily: My dad is stone crazy! He built our family home out of rocks gathered from the farm; spent years building kilometers of Scottish rock walls in every field & over the hill. He even has a section of ringing rocks which resonate like a bell when struck. So, in his unique way of welcoming Fuzz to the family, he had found a heart shaped rock which he surprised him with during the ceremony. This really warmed the cockles of my heart. Hooray: Who conducted your wedding ceremony?
Emily: A wonderful friend Solveig guided us through our ceremony. She is an earth loving; yoga posing, Zen of a human who gave us the best grounding to kick start our marriage. Her lessons of marriage were from “nurturing a garden.” This resonated so well for the both of us & has set us in good grounding stead from our roots to the tips of our leaves. Hooray: The one thing you would change about your wedding if you could travel back in time
Emily: No regrets we worked super hard in creating our dream festival styled wedding & enjoyed every single moment of it!

Hooray: The biggest hurdle you faced planning your wedding?
Emily: Being a wedding planner myself & having an “order of events” format which works so well for every wedding done in the past & knowing we wanted something different but hesitant to risk a non-traditional format. It took me some time before I could grasp how we were to create flow & order in a non-traditional Festival styled wedding on the day. Fuzz was the convincer on this one & I am so glad we pushed through with our idea as it suited us far more than a formal sit down styled wedding. Hooray: How did being a planner help you plan your day?
Emily: Having been in the industry for 10 years I have formed solid relationships with reliable & efficient service providers. This was my biggest help as I felt confident to hand over on the weekend putting my mind at ease knowing they would manage their services professionally. Hooray: GLAMPING TENTS!! We want all the details, how did you organise this?
Emily: I have been mesmerized by the beautiful European glamping styled weddings on Instagram. I LOVE the luxury look & organic earth feel of a glampsite so invested in these tents just prior to our wedding. The idea is to offer them to other newlyweds who also love the outdoors with a touch of glam & would consider a glamping styled wedding.
***Hooray side note: Emily is one of our Hooray directory members, so if you want these for your wedding day, you can get in touch with Emily here! Hooray: SIX CAKES! This wedding just keeps getting better!
Emily: Kath Stone churned out a spread of cakes for the high tea. The flavours were as follows:

Courgette cake filled with lemon curd and topped with cream cheese icing
Flourless orange and almond cake topped with whipped vanilla mascarpone
Carrot and pineapple cake filled and topped with cinnamon cream cheese icing
Dark chocolate cake topped rich chocolate icing
Rosemary and olive oil iced with a light lemon frosting
Coffee flavoured cake with rich coffee and Amarula icing Hooray: The food! How did you pull this off? How many options were there in total?
Emily: We had two caterers to assist. Kath Stone from “To Your Taste” created a beautiful high tea in the garden after the ceremony & then Laura from “Chef ‘n Thyme” had the task of churning out festival food at the reception.
We wanted guests to have a taste of everything at the food stalls so went with 6 courses.
Our food stalls were The Mad Mexican; The Salty Sea Dog & Chamonix Nutella Crepe Bar. We had a high tea in the garden after the ceremony & then amazing spread of canapés & dinner from the food stalls. Some of the highlights were the Jalapeno Bombs; Salt & Pepper Calamari; Nachos; Fish & Chips; Salmon salad & Nutella crepes. Hooray: Tell us more about the day after.
Emily: We woke up in our Glamping tents overlooking the flower filled fields. We were having a laugh as peeps started to come out of their tents…one group of friends (the athletic type) were already in their Salomons & heading off on a farm trail run & the other were cracking open a bottle of breakfast brandy! We headed down to the Riverland where The Barn Owl were serving amazing coffee fixes. We spent the day picnicking under the willow trees; bobbing on the river on unicorn & swan inflatables & then finished the day off with a trip up onto the hilltop for sundowners.Hooray: The best moment of your wedding day?
Emily: Just the two of us dancing in the field looking over our happy festival wedding, the fairy lights twinkling; people dancing; sitting on hay bales around the fire; loud laughs & merriment. We had a moment reflecting & felt enormous gratitude toward all the amazing friends & family who had happily missioned to the farm to celebrate with us from far & wide to share the love.

This sounds like an absolutely magical weekend and we hope more brides will be inspired to think out of the box and remember to stay true to themselves and what they love!

Em and Fuzz, thank you so much for allowing us to share your day, we wish you many happy years ahead of dancing under the stars and falling in love with each other over and over again!

If this wedding looks like your cup of tea, click here to get in touch with Emily, she can definitely hook you up!

Magic Makers
Photographer: Courtney Clegg
Videographer: Josh Hundermark Films
Caterer 1: To Your Taste
Caterer 2: Chef ‘n Thyme
Cakes: Kath Stone from To Your Taste
Bands: The Angus Brothers; Jess Martins & The Kickstands
Sound & DJ: Sound Mechanix
Bar: Thirst Bar
Coffee: The Barn Owl
Dresses: Hamilton Clothing
Makeup: The Collab
Hair: Nikita
Decor & Coordination: Emily Lockhart

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