Whitney + Mark

Damn, this wedding is a whole bunch of sexy and a whole bunch of rock n roll.

Mark and Whitney took their wedding to a total different level.
In world filled with neutrals and pamapas grass, they brought disco balls, hot pink peonies, and bridesmaids who were dressed to kill.
Gah! We love this wedding. 

Mark did ALL the stationery (yaaas boy) and Whitney was an absolute dream in her custom designed Sadie Bosworth Atelier dress. Also, did we mention her hair? Total hair goals. 

This wedding was effortless and sexy and cool, all wrapped in a hella lot of love and fun. 
We say it time and time again, we LOVE couples who are focussed on designing a day that is representative of them and who they are. This wedding is no exception. 

The Behn sisters captured this wedding to absolute perfection and we are so excited that we get to share it with you today. Get the pinterest board ready, and prepare for some major inspiration.

Hi guys! Please introduce yourself to the Hooray readers.
Whitney and Mark. We met at a beer festival of all places, and were introduced by a mutual friend.

Hooray: Tell us about your proposal.
W + M: Mark proposed at Sani Valley Lodge on top of a mountain at sunset. He had tried popping the question a few times before that, but I kept derailing his plans!

Hooray: What was the one non-negotiable of your wedding?
W + M: A great photographer!

Hooray: How did you choose your photographer?
W + M: We had seen Michigan’s work and attended weddings she had shot. We really love her modern style and how she captures the small moments. Michigan and Paige are also extremely professional and go above and beyond for their clients.

Hooray: What was it like working with Behn Sisters?
W + M: Michigan and Paige were incredible. They were so easy going and just went with the flow whilst catching all the amazing moments with their keen eye for detail. We were seriously lucky to have them part of our wedding. I wish I had been more organised and helpful on the day but they rolled with the punches and made everyone feel at ease.

Hooray: Totally rock n roll – tell us about the inspiration behind your wedding?
W + M: We were really after something a bit different. Coming to the end of the ‘wedding period’ for our group of friends we needed to try and achieve something that would stand out from all the weddings we have attended, but still reflect our personalities. The overall look and feel evolved the more we spoke about what we both wanted. We wanted our guests to feel relaxed but to see and feel like they were also walking into a party. I was torn between going with a super chic black and white ‘New York’ style wedding or full blown colour. However, we have always loved a jungle type feel and thought it would get everyone in a party mood.

Hooray: Be honest, how many hours did you spend on Pinterest?
W + M: My Instagram was definitely clogged up with wedding dress and decor albums.

Hooray: Your dress is sensational, how was it working with Sadie?
W + M: Sadie was a massive help. She took on my dress last minute and really stepped up to the plate. She completely understood my vision and what I was after and I feel she delivered this with ease and professionalism. She saved the day! I just wished I asked her to make me a party dress as well!

Hooray: Tell us about your bridesmaids and groomsmen?
W + M: My sisters, sister in-law, and best friend were my bridesmaids, all of whom live in other cities or abroad. It definitely meant a less than traditional build-up and a lot of admin being packed into the week before the wedding. Mark had his brothers and best friends as groomsmen. We both underestimated how much you need to nominate bridesmaids/groomsmen to take on specific responsibilities to eliminate as much stress as possible. Getting the girls ready on time was definitely a challenge and meant sacrificing a bit of my own prep. However, it was nice seeing how well everyone got on and the fun they all had. The effort they all put into the hen’s and bull’s parties was also great. 

Hooray: Your bridesmaids looked so hot! Did they choose their own dresses or did you have a specific vision?
Whitney: I wanted my bridesmaids to be completely comfortable in what they were wearing and for their dresses to fit in with who they each are. I showed them some styles I was fond of and colour schemes that would fit into everything else on the day but on a whole they each designed or sourced their own dresses for the day. I couldn’t have been happier with how they looked. As all the bridesmaids lived in other cities and countries, it was easier to let them choose something that they loved.  My sister actually managed to find the exact Rat and Boa dress that I sent her an image of!

Hooray: What role did your parents play in your wedding?
W + M: Mark’s parents were massively involved, with his mom even drying out plants for the decor months in advance.

Hooray: Your bouquet – all the heart eyes! Are you a peony girl?
Whitney: I do like a good peony. Glynnis created the beautiful bouquet. The colours worked perfectly with the rest of the theme and we were very happy with it when we saw it on the day. Side note, I didn’t realise how heavy those things can be!

Hooray: What was happening with the crabs?
W + M: Crab Racing! We got married on the day of the Durban July and have a group of friends that we have done this with before and it was a total blast, so we thought, hell why not, our guests would love it. There were 5 races where our guests got to bid for individual crabs in an auction and the person who’s crab won, won all the money raised in that race. Our guests did love it. The funny part was that Mark made all his groomsmen help him catch the crabs the night before without realising what they were going to be up to. All the crabs were released back in the ocean the next day.

Hooray: Your “til death” light box is amazing! Who made this for you?
W + M: We initially were keen to have this in neon tube lighting but after being told it would be out of our budget and that nobody would be prepared to manufacture the sign and use it for rentals at a later stage, Mark got to work in designing the artwork, sourcing the materials and building the sign himself. Also, we had seen the neon lighting thing done quite a bit as time went on, so thought it would be nice to update it.

Hooray: Live band – who played?
W + M: The Black Lapels fuelled our dance floor with energy and good times! Mark grew up supporting the two brothers Rob and Garth and was only too happy to have them involved in our big day.

Hooray: Lastly, your favourite moment from your day?
W + M: Getting to say ‘I do’ to the man of my dreams and also having all our family and friends on the dance floor having a proper good time with us.

Whitney and Mark, thank you so much for sharing your wedding day with our readers today – we hope it inspires others to think out the box and stay true to what they want!

We wish you many happy years ahead filled with crab racing anniversary parties!

Magic Makers

Photographer: Michigan Behn & Paige Behn
Videographer: The Wedding Crashers
Caterers: Talloula
Dress: Sadie Bosworth
Groom’s attire – Custom Made
Bridesmaids Dresses: Various
Groomsmen Attire: Various (Vans shoes)
Hair and make-up: Nixon Make Up
Cake: Donna Williams & Angela Ricardo (Bride’s friend and her mom!)
Venue: Talloula
DJ: Gareth ‘Barefoot’ Jones
Stationery: The GROOM! ( We are impressed!)
Wedding Bands: Catalisa 

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