70s Disco Glam

“Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair
In seventy-seven and sixty-nine, revolution was in the air
I was born too late, into a world that doesn’t care
Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair”
– Sandi Thom

We love fun styled shoots. We love shoots that show brides “out of the box” thinking.
We love it when wedding vendors allow their creative juices to flow freely.

This shoot did exactly that.
Champagne, confetti, disco balls and flowers in your hair, what more could you want?

 Get ready to be inspired! The 70’s to us is all about bold colours, fun textures and the ultimate free-spirited celebration. We wanted to reflect the good vibes of the quintessential 70’s flower child balanced against our clean modern take on the glitzy Disco era. 

“When Caitlin and I started chatting and sharing inspiration we  knew we were on the same page  to do a 70’s inspired shoot.  We liked the idea of doing something a bit disco but still relevant to today’s bride. I would say that all the vendors involved appreciate good music, great cake, and something a bit different for a wedding. We love the idea of a couple  incorporating unique elements to their special day and this shoot just showed that we love champagne popping, confetti throwing celebrations with that extra something special!”
Enya from Enya Photography

Each supplier brought their own flair, talent and insight and we truly hope that it inspires couples to break free and find the fun and focus for their special day. From the wave of mirror balls, to the pink foil backdrop, the cascading disco ball bouquet, daisy adorned bride, glitter eye shadow, champagne towers and the gilded square wedding cake…this shoot just exudes 70’s Disco glam.  
“The decor, although bright and fun are still sleek and modern. With our flowers we wanted to champion the humble chrysanthemum because the daisy really is the most flower-power flower of them all. We also loved showing that with only the addition of a few interesting statement flowers in the bouquet (that we picked from the garden) you can create beauty. You don’t need orchids or expensive import flowers to create magic at your wedding.”
Rebecca from Pop Up Weddings SA.

The divine deep shades of the furniture, grounded the more effervescent ceremonial backdrop, with the addition of velvet being not only a beautifully ‘on trend’ fabric but a truly 70’s touch too.

And of course, we couldn’t have disco glam without disco balls…they bring shine and fun to the shoot that perfectly ties in the glitter makeup, sequin bridal gown and spectacular gilded square cake.

“I love square wedding cakes. They are unique and playful. This one was especially fun for me to create. I gilded the whole of the top square in edible silver foil, created  lines and circles in different colours and finished it off with  flowers.”
Caitlin from Bravery Bakes

Missy from Missy Makeup Artist did the most amazing job with the two looks. The first – simple elegantly highlighting our model’s natural beauty and the second – more striking with sequin eyes. Both looks complimented the two dresses we used from The Wedding Collective. The Blair, which is an elegant flowing silk satin halter neck which exudes the laid back 70’s bride and the electric Axel which is a dress of silver sequins that just echoes disco.                                      

This styled shoot is a unique snapshot, an example of what is possible for the alternative couple who is unapologetically bold, fun and free-spirited.

So, did you love it or did you LOVE it?
Thank you so much to all involved and for allowing us to share it with our readers today, we are sure it will inspire many brides. 

If you would like to get in touch with any of the magic makers involved in this shoot, click below:

Magic Makers

Photography: Enya Photography
Styling and Flowers: Pop-up Weddings SA
Cake: Bravery Bakes
Make-up: Missy Make up
Dresses: The Wedding Collective

Venue: Louzelle Van Dyk Studio 
Furniture + Rentals: Hire Society 


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