Nothin’ Fancy Just Love

When I first saw this shoot, I knew there was something magical about it. And as more and more sneak peeks started to flood the instaworld, I fell head over heels in love with it!

Wedding vendors have been hit hard this year, not just financially but emotionally too. One of the silver linings to come out of this horrible time is that it has given them time to be creative in new and exciting ways, and this is exactly what the team behind this shoot did.

I have said this before, and I will say it again, intimate celebrations are the way forward, elopements are the way forward, backyard weddings are the way forward and when you see the beauty of this shoot, you will see just how magical these events can be.

At the end of the day, just remember the main purpose behind your wedding day… love.
Nothin’ fancy… just love!

Grab yourself a cup of coffee (or G&T) and get ready to fall totally in love with this styled shoot collab. 

As we all know, 2020 is just not going as planned, and we wanted to create something that’s non-conventional for elopements, hoping brides will be inspired to be daring with the wedding season opening up again. We came across a quote that just inspired us “The come back is always stronger than the setback” and boy was this collab an awesome come back to the wedding industry. We had so many laughs and we built amazing relationships with all the vendors involved. This collab is definitely one of our favourite shoots we’ve done and will cherish it forever. So keep an eye out for more incredible collabs coming this way. – Meisiekind Fotografie 

It was such an amazing feeling walking through the streets of the CBD in Pretoria and seeing everybody’s reactions as we walked by! I am also petrified of heights and a few of the shots were taken on the roof of a very high building, but I made it to the top to be part of the magic. – Yvette Rautenbach MUA

Hooray Side Note: These CBD shots are truly out of this world! There is nothing like making memories in your hometown so take advantage of this if you are having an intimate celebration in your hometown… with having an intimate ceremony, you will have more time to be creative with your couple shoot so run around the streets, go to your fav coffee shop, have a kiss at the place you first met… you do you, boo!

The dress is a super soft flowy off-white gown with bishop sleeves and a modern open back, paired with a pearly beaded waistband to compliment the soft dress. What makes the dress special is that the dress is kind of see-through! Why? Why not. Couples are starting to realise there are no rules when it comes to their weddings or elopements. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. If you have a unique style, let it shine. The dress has a bodysuit underneath with a bustier-style cups bodice. This gave the dress an ultra-clean modern look perfect to pair with unique stylish accessories. This dress gives you a simple “nothin’ fancy” look by not being filled with overcomplicated details. This dress was custom made for this collab. I just got all the right inspiration from Meisiekind Fotografie and it all just clicked and the Mulan dress was born with the Steph bodysuit. – Estelle Visser Designs

Hooray Side Note: Her dress is EVERYTHING! And it worked so perfectly for this shoot… it was one of the reasons I fell in love with it! Absolutely gorgeous, Estelle!

I LOVE makeup, I love doing research and working with different products. When Yoane gave the brief “for dramatic eyes” I was so excited! I had recently purchased a brand new Tarte Pro pallet and thought the different warm shades of pink/mauve would suit the models’ fair complexion. I wanted the main focus to be on the eyes (of course paired with a dramatic set of lashes). – Yvette Rautenbach MUA

Hooray Side Note: We only have two words to say to you… NAILED IT!

The most amazing part was the moment I stepped on location and realized how everything just came together. It all just worked. Every detail from the makeup to the flowers and jewelry and location and just every person that was part of the creation. The best people created the best product. – Estelle Visser Designs

What REALLY stood out was how friendly every single vendor was. We laughed, hugged, took a million behind the scene shots, and all around it was just an amazing day and shoot to be a part of. – Yvette Rautenbach MUA

Hooray Side Note: It is so amazing to create friendships in the Wedding Vendor world, we are sure you all will cherish the memories from this shoot!

Thanks to Yoané from Meisiekind Fotografie that gave the right amount of inspiration to all the vendors, yet gave us the right amount of creative freedom. This helped create this beaut of a collab. The photos speak for themselves. Insane. My mind was blown on the day, and even more so when I saw the photos. – Estelle Visser Designs 

See, I told you it was pure magic! A big well done to all involved in this superb styled shoot, I am sure it will inspire many brides to elope, pop champagne on rooftops and run through their CBD for the most epic shots!
To get in touch with any of these magic makers, click the link below. 

Planning & Photography: Meisiekind Fotografie 
Dress: Estelle Visser Designs 
Makeup and hair: Yvette Rautenbach Makeup Artistry
Jewellery: Miinella Jewellery
Bouquet: Skat Flowers 

Models: Mulan & Stefan 

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