Styled Shoots 2020

There is no other way to say this.
2020 really was a sh!tty year for all vendors in the industry.
Wedding vendors thrive off the creativity they use every weekend when they create the magic that is your wedding day… and this year, that creativity was stolen from them.

In a way, many probably breathed a huge sigh of relief when they were able to use this time to refuel their creativity tanks. They came out of lockdown filled with the most AMAZING ideas, ready to collab to create the most amazing styled shoots, and Hooray was lucky enough to share some of these beautiful stories with you. 

Let’s take a look back on the Styled Shoots we shared with you this year. 

  1. Classic Blue & Copper
    This was the first Styled Shoot we featured for the year, and boy did we kick the year off with a BANG! Seaton Manor had just opened it’s doors and to celebrate and show off their amazing venue, they got together with some of the best of the best in the industry to pull off this shoot. We are so happy to have since welcomed Seaton Manor to the Hooray Directory Family:
    We love a styled shoot and we love it even more when some fabulous names in the wedding industry get together to show off their magic.
    Seaton Manor is the new “kid on the block” but they have already proved they are a venue to watch! With amazing spaces to get your creative juices flowing (not to mention some picture-perfect backdrop goals!) they are the perfect spot to curate your dream wedding day!
    2020 brides, if you are feeling a little bit stuck with your wedding plans and are looking for a little inspo, make yourself a cup of coffee, and get ready to scroll through some MAJOR inspo from some amazing Durban wedding vendors.
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  2. Ebony Blossom
    This was actually a styled shoot from 2019, but with the hustle and bustle of the year-end, we did not get a chance to share it. There was no way that I was going to forget about it though!
    A host of incredible service providers got together at Penwarn Farm to create this spectacular shoot and we still have all the heart eyes for it:
    Ahh, another styled shoot to get your creative juices flowing and your wedding planning kickstarted!
    The team behind this shoot really pulled off the most whimsical and romantic shoot, proving that blush pink will forever be a wedding favourite. From the cake to the decor, there is something about this shoot that will have you daydreaming of far off places in fairytale dreams.
    Spring is such a beautiful time of the year in South Africa. The weather is gorgeous, nature starts blossoming again and the sun starts warming us up after a long winter. This styled shoot beautifully captures this changing of seasons from Winter to Spring.
    So if you are thinking of having a Spring wedding in South Africa, then get ready to be blown away by this Ebony Blossom Styled Shoot.
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  3. 70’s Disco Glam
    OOOOH!!! This shoot! I absolutely LOVED this one – pink, sparkly, champagne… who wouldn’t love it?!
    When this shoot landed in my inbox, I did not hesitate and immediately “scooped” it up, I knew it would be well appreciated by the Hooray readers:
    We love fun styled shoots. We love shoots that show bride’s how to think “out of the box”.
    We love it when wedding vendors allow their creative juices to flow freely.
    This shoot did exactly that.
    Champagne, confetti, disco balls, and flowers in your hair, what more could you want?
    Get ready to be inspired!
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  4. Moody Moments
    Another one that was not done in 2020, but when I saw the piccies shared on Instagram, I knew that I wanted to share it. There is something so magical about the moodiness of this shoot, and it shows off a South African winter perfectly:
    Let’s just remix Shakespeare here and say the theme of this amazing styled shoot could be:
    “Can I compare thee to a winter’s day”
    A South African winter is like no other. Although we can get bitterly cold days, I do have to say that I think we could boast at saying we have one of the best winter seasons in the whole world!
    As days start to get cooler, the South African landscape changes, and the team behind this styled shoot captured our unique winter landscape beautifully!
    Amanda from Kadou shared a bit more about the shoot with us today… so get ready to be blown away!
    Click here to read the full post. 
  5. Relaxed Luxe
    THIS SHOOT! Her dress was the reason I fell in love with this shoot. I mean those sparkles are next-level gorgeous!
    The team behind this shoot really knew what they were doing when they pulled this shoot together, everything meshed so beautifully and it really was a fan favourite!
    Oh, how we love ALL things sparkly… if you did not know this by now, then where have you been hiding?
    So when a few pictures of this sparkly little number landed in our inbox, you must know we squealed a little and just knew we had to see more! With a dress like that, surely the rest of the styled shoot would be just as amazing… and oh were we right!
    A women-led team pulled together the most beautiful styled shoot, incorporating moody tones with a little pop of pastel colours… and that dress just compliments it ALL!
    We caught up with some of the magic makers behind this shoot, and they are sharing their thoughts on how everything came together and they brought the WOW factor!
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  6. Alfresco Dining in the Orange Orchards
    I told you wedding vendors were ready to be creative after lockdown, and this team did not disappoint! Being a Disney Princess at heart, this shoot really pulled at my heartstrings, and I was so happy when Hooray was able to share it. There is something so majestic and mysterious about this shoot and I will forever enjoy scrolling through these pics!
    How do I find the words to describe this styled shoot?
    I want to say it is somewhere between an afternoon in Italy and a day in the life of a Disney Princess… but I will let you be the judge of that!
    The team behind this shoot wanted to create a combination of structure and soft tones, dark and light, love and magic – and we have to say, they absolutely nailed it!
    From a fruit-topped wedding cake to a live painter, to the most intricate details, they certainly have shown off their talents in the best way, all while showing brides that you are able to think out of the box when it comes to your wedding day!
    Blythe from By Blythe shares more with us today about the look and feel behind this styled shoot.
    Take it away, Blythe.
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  7. Delft Skies + Tangerine Dreams
    This shoot was actually from the beginning of the year, but the vendors are all amazing Durban wedding vendors who we are more than happy to put the spotlight on, and when you see the full blog, you will see why – they took the most vibrant colours and just turned them into a WOW setup!
    At the beginning of the year, a group of wedding vendors came together to create the most amazing styled shoot, inspired by the Pantone colour of 2020, True Blue.
    We were so blown away by the magic that they created and knew it would be a perfect shoot to share with our readers… who knew, the 2020 Pantone might not have even be used by weddings in 2020!
    Now that weddings are “back”, we thought it might be the perfect time to inspire 2020 brides that are wanting to go ahead with an elopement or intimate celebration in 2020. Why not use True Blue as an inspiration for your day, a perfect way to pay tribute to 2020 and truly remember what a year it was!
    So, get ready to be inspired!
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  8. Nothin’ fancy, just love
    I have no more words for this shoot as I have already oozed my love for it over every platform available to me, and I might even go as far to say it is my favourite styled shoot of 2020!
    When I first saw this shoot, I knew there was something magical about it. And as more and more sneak peeks started to flood the instaworld, I fell head over heels in love with it!
    Wedding vendors have been hit hard this year, not just financially but emotionally too. One of the silver linings to come out of this horrible time is that it has given them time to be creative in new and exciting ways, and this is exactly what the team behind this shoot did.
    I have said this before, and I will say it again, intimate celebrations are the way forward, elopements are the way forward, backyard weddings are the way forward and when you see the beauty of this shoot, you will see just how magical these events can be.
    At the end of the day, just remember the main purpose behind your wedding day… love.
    Nothin’ fancy… just love!
    Grab yourself a cup of coffee (or G&T) and get ready to fall totally in love with this styled shoot collab.
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  9. Iridescence
    YOOOOH! My magpie eyes love this shoot more than my sparkly heart! I loved every aspect of this shoot and it is giving me so much inspo for my 30th birthday party next year!
    You know that I am a huge sucker for all things sparkly, so when I saw this amazing styled shoot by Transfigured Decor, my magpie eyes nearly popped out of my head and my heart rate went off the charts!
    I HAD to share this shoot.
    2020 has been a year that many will want to forget about, and 2021 weddings are going to be something new, different and exciting. I believe that couples have used this time to realise what matters, and know that they can be more true to themselves and what they would like more than ever. Weddings are going to be pushing boundaries more and more, and this styled shoot is a pure example of exactly that – pushing the boundaries is always a good idea!
    Kaldin from Transfigured Decor brought together the most amazing team for this shoot and they are sharing more with us today about the look and feel of the day.
    It’s Sunday, which means you can grab yourself a glass of wine and get lost in this iridescent world.
    Click here to read the full post. 

And that’s a wrap on the styled shoots we featured in 2020.
You have to admit, the South African wedding industry has many SUPER talented individuals and we are so looking forward to seeing what they create next year!

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