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With Christy having just had a baby and Derryn about to take leave after a hectic wedding season, Hooray Weddings is very excited to announce the addition of two new team mates – Candice & Sasha – our winter interns.

Both ladies caught our attention with their love for weddings. It was very clear upon meeting them that they are just as “into it” as we are and are looking to advance their careers in this industry. So, since you will be hearing quite a bit from them over the next few months, allow us to share some facts about these lovely ladies.


  • admitted as an attorney in 2011 and practiced law for 1.5 years.
  • Worked as an account manager at a digital agency but now freelances and owns the Tiny Store while lecturing part time
  • Morning person, yoga novice and wannabe surfer
  • Has lived in Cape town, Belgium and Durban
  • Has tried to play the guitar roughly 20 different times
  • Still cannot play the guitar
  • Prefers white wine to red and irish whiskey to scotch
  • Engaged to be marriedHoorayWeddings_Interns_002


  • Wedding obsessed
  • Ran off to Italy after school for a family holiday and decided to stay
  • Has lived in Malta, Italy, France and Qatar
  • Thinks that coffee smells and tastes like soil
  • Has never watched any of the Lord of the Ring or Star Wars movies
  • Loves musicals, particularly Grease
  • Previously worked on a super yacht as a stewardess
  • Would live off butter chicken curry if that was a realistic lifestyle option

Candice will be tackling all things social media related while Sasha will be helping us run our workshops and events. We are so excited to have them both on the team and are looking forward to what the next three months will bring!

If you would like to get in touch with either of the girls to share some love or even send a virtual hi-five, they can be contacted at:
Candice: candice@hoorayweddings.com
Sasha: sasha@hoorayweddings.com

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