What do you know about… Christy Hosking?

If you’re a long-time reader of Hooray Weddings you will likely know that the two lovely creators of the business are Derryn Schmidt and Christy Hosking. But, what do you REALLY know about them?

Trust me, these two are much more than pretty faces. Both of them are incredible mums, talented wedding photographers who run their own businesses, and all around awesome human beings. But what do they find challenging about being a business owner and what do they eat for breakfast?? We thought it high time to let the world in on the answers to these questions. So, here we go… Last week we chatted to Derryn. This week we learn about Christy.

The Hosking family taken by the talented Kelly Daniels Photography

Hooray Weddings (Candice): Describe yourself using a Disney song title
Christy: I am a Disney fanatic, but if I had to choose the TITLE of a song, then I think, “In a world of my own” from Alice + Wonderland would probably describe me best.

Little puddings! Emet + Dylan-Kate

Hooray Weddings: What made you want to start a wedding blog?
Christy: If we are 100% honest, when we embarked on this journey, neither of us actually wanted to be wedding bloggers. We just kind of fell into it. But what has driven us is the fact that there are so many blogs out there offering all these amazing ideas, but none offering brides real, honest advice. Being wedding photographers, we get to see the whole picture and love getting to give our brides information from our first-hand experiences.

Hooray Weddings: What do you love most about South African Weddings?Christy: Oh man, okay I have two answers. Firstly, there is a reason people travel from all over the world to get married here. Not only does it make for picture perfect settings – you want bush? We got bush! You want the sea? You got the sea! You want the mountains? Yup, we got the mountains! But we have THE best people. I have worked in Durban, CPT, JHB and Jbay, and the talented humans creating the South African wedding industry is parallel and if not better than those abroad. If you have not guessed it already, I love my country.

The fruit of Christy’s labour as a wedding photographer
The fruit of Christy’s labour as a wedding photographer
The fruit of Christy’s labour as a wedding photographer

Hooray Weddings: What do you love about the KZN wedding industry?
Christy: I love how much we actually care. We continually support each other, help each other grow and are really damn good at our jobs. We uplift each other, push each other, and it’s not just for work either. We have all become good friends. Durban in full to the brim with insane talent and I am super stoked to be involved with so many of these wonderful suppliers. They really are like my wedding family.

Hooray Weddings: Tell us about your other job (well, one of them), photography..
Christy: Ahh the 3rd love of my life (after my family and chocolate). I’m not too sure what to say other than I have the best job in THE WORLD.
Yes, it can be stressful and full of late nights and hellishly early mornings (which I am sure, any business owner will tell you is inevitable), but getting to document life’s most precious memories…I really don’t think there is anything better.

Hooray Weddings: How does a typical day in your life look?
Christy: A typical day starts for me at 4:30am. I try get a head start on the kids and get my to do list sorted.
Tea is served by Morgs (Christy’s husband, Morgan) at 5am and then we enjoy some baby cuddles before the mad school rush starts. Morgs is out the door by 6 and then myself and the kids by 6:30.
Once I have dropped the babies off, my mornings are generally filled with meetings, emails, editing shoots and lots of coffee!.
At 12pm I have to fetch my babies again. We spend lunch together, which is my favourite part of the day, before they head down for their afternoon snooze.
In the afternoons I like to prepare blog posts and follow up on the mornings mails. I like to cut off work around 4pm when the kids wake up to spend quality family time together eating supper and bathing and reading books before they head to bed at 6pm.
6-7pm is Morgs and my time where we get to chat about our day and just have some “us” time before we settle down to work again in the evening.
I TRY to get into bed every night before 10pm.

That mama-bear hustle

Hooray Weddings: What did you eat for breakfast this morning?
Christy: A Wazoolges chocolate smoothie!

Hooray Weddings: How do you manage work/life balance, especially with a small human to look after?
Christy: I must be honest, it really has taken me a while to figure out this work/mom balance. But I read something a little while ago which has made the world of difference. I don’t remember it verbatim, but it goes something along the lines of “If you are going to mom, mom 100% and if you are going to work, work 100%”
I used to feel guilty, sharing my time between kids and work. Now if the kids need my attention, I pack my laptop away and give them my all. I actually feel better after spending quality time with them and then when I do open my laptop again, I am more focused and ready to tackle work.
It also helps now that my kids are a little older, they are in great routines. So I know the hours I have for work and the hours I need to set aside for bonding and play time. Routine, although can be a pain, has been a lifesaver for me as a working mom.

Dylan-Kate, just over a week old + her first trip to the beach
Morgan + Christy by the amazing Kelly Daniels Photography

Hooray Weddings: Which local and international wedding industry professionals inspire you and why?
Christy: Flip, there are so many local photographers who inspire me, I am a total instagram troll and spend hours commenting and liking on all the goodness out there. Just a few are Kikitography, Andy + Szerdi, Kelly Daniels, Fiona Clair, Dean Maber, Rensche Mari, Kristi Agier, (can I go on and on and on, no for reals I could) and of course, my work wife, Derryn Schmidt!
Internationally there are waaaaaaaaay too many to mention, but Jose Villa has inspired me right from the start.

What would you change about the South African Wedding Industry?
Christy: Hmmm, off the top of my head, I don’t think so, but I do want to say, Hooray has been a wonderful avenue for so many of us service providers to meet and get to know each other personally outside of the work environment. There are so many amazing people that I can now call friends and I think without Hooray, we probably would not have gotten to know each other personally. So although there is nothing I would change. I am grateful for the change Hooray has brought into my life as a wedding photographer.

The fruit of Christy’s labour as a wedding photographer
The fruit of Christy’s labour as a wedding photographer
The fruit of Christy’s labour as a wedding photographer

Hooray Weddings: If you could have your wedding day over again what, if anything, would you have done differently and why?
Christy: Oh I love this question, because it changes with every wedding I attend, there are SO many awesome ideas out there!
But if I am 100% honest with myself, I really don’t think I would changed one thing. Maybe the flowers or the decor, or my wedding shoes (what was I thinking!) but all of that is relative. The rain poured down, I got stung by a bee, my mom broke her ankle leaving for the church, my cousin was offering naughty favours at the bar, my aunts went looking for weed. We emptied the bar by 2am and had to kick everyone out at 4am. We continued partying the next day with a big braai at my folks place.

And, I married my best friend. It was epic!

Hooray Weddings: What is the most challenging things about being a business owner?
Christy: Discipline.

Hooray Weddings: What is your role within Hooray Weddings?
Christy: I head up all of the designing for Hooray;  the website, all of Hooray’s signature merchandise on the store, advertising, the decor and stationary for workshops. I get to make lots of pretty. If its designed, it has come from me. I also cover the blog posts on the service providers and run the Instagram account 🙂 Derryn and I have learnt to play to our strengths, working together means that there are things Derryn is great at and me, not so much and vice versa. I love having a little bit of creative space where I can challenge myself outside of photography.

The fruit of Christy’s labour as a wedding photographer

Quick Question Round

Hooray Weddings: Whiskey or gin?

Christy: GIN

Hooray Weddings: Cake or ice cream?

Christy: Is that even a question, ICE CREAM! Especially if its Old Town Italy gelato or Woolies chocolate! Damn!

Hooray Weddings: Live band or DJ?

Christy: Both! I love me some music!

Hooray Weddings: Geometric or floral?

Christy: Can I say both again? I love the clean lines and symmetry of geometric. But the colours and freedom in florals….argh okay, im doing it…BOTH!

Hooray Weddings: Three most used apps on your phone?

Christy: Instagram, google drive and accuweather

Hooray Weddings: Yes or no to fishpaste?

Christy: Um, yeah…don’t eat it in front of me.

So now you know a little more about one of the masterminds behind Hooray Weddings.
If you missed Derry’s post last week, you can check it out here.

Follow Christy’s work here:
Website: www.christyhosking.com
Facebook: ChristyHoskingPhotography
Instagram: @christyhosking

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