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Are you a bride-to-be, searching for the perfect wedding dress for your big day? Something that suits your body shape, style and budget? The perfect trifecta.

Or perhaps you recently married the love of your life?

It is common for brides to feel a sentimental connection to their wedding dress. For most people, it will be the most expensive item of clothing they ever own so it is only natural to want to hang on to it. After all, it is one of the few physical pieces of your special day that you are able to hold on to once the confetti has settled and the honeymoon is over.

But, for many, the reality is that their dress won’t ever be worn again and it spends the rest of its life in a cupboard, carefully (hopefully) stored and lonely while it slowly goes out of style.

Pre-Loved Wedding Dresses from Hooray Weddings - Lyida and JuliaAt Hooray Weddings we bring these two women (the bride who truly loved the dress that she got married in and the bride-to-be who is searching for her perfect gown) together through our pre-loved wedding dress store.

If you’re on the fence about pre-loved dresses, we’ve got some thoughts that could possibly push you into the “Hell yea to pre-loved dresses!” camp…

Pre-Loved Wedding Dresses from Hooray Weddings - Dress SelectionFirstly, from the buyer’s side

The biggest win here is the cash saving. In most cases you’re getting a designer dress at a fraction of the original price and, because the dress has only been worn for a few hours, it is still in ‘almost new’ condition.

Secondly, you’re reducing your carbon footprint and being kind to the environment (in fact, this is a benefit of any second-hand goods). We’re all trying to do our little bit to save the planet and Hooray Weddings is happy to be able to bring the ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ concept to a day that commonly gets carried away with the industry’s message of ‘spend, spend, spend’.

At Hooray Weddings we pride ourselves on dress selection. The dresses on offer in our store are carefully curated and this means that we don’t necessarily accept all dresses that come our way. We first assess the style of the dress to understand whether we believe it is what other brides would be keen to buy. We do cater for a range of tastes but will only stock a dress if we are sure that we have an excellent chance of finding someone else who will adore it. This means that brides-to-be have an excellent chance of finding something they love rather than settling for something that is ‘okay’.

And an added bonus? Your “something old” is sorted.

Pre-Loved Wedding Dresses from Hooray Weddings - CourtneyThen, from the seller’s side

Need some extra room in your wardrobe? When dresses are stored correctly they can take up twice the room of an ordinary piece of clothing. When space is tight is makes sense to part with items that you know you’ll never wear again.

you get to recoup some of the costs from what is usually an expensive day, whichever way you play it. Often this provides a handy little windfall for newly-weds in a time when extra cash is most welcome.

If you use a reseller (like Hooray Weddings) you give us your dress and don’t need to think about it again. We do all the work including advertising, fittings, sorting out payment and delivery. The only thing you’ll need to do is let us know how you’d like to receive payment when your dress sells.

Lastly, there is the warm fuzzy feeling you get, knowing that someone else is going to step into their next life chapter on one of the most special days of their life in your dress. It’s joy spreading in one of its most beautiful forms.

Pre-Loved Wedding Dresses from Hooray Weddings - LucySo spread the love, save the planet and embrace the idea of pre-loved wedding dresses. Everyone benefits!

** All dresses in this article are available in from the Hooray Weddings online dress store.







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