Wedding Wellness 2019

One of our new initiatives we introduced to our readers in 2019 was “Wedding Wellness”

We got in touch with some AMAZING experts in the health industry and asked them to start sharing their amazing knowledge and skills with you. We must say, this has not only related to brides but every person in general that is trying to be a better version of themselves.

This is what we got up to this year in the Wedding Wellness category:

  1. Wedding Wellness
    Nothing like a good ole introductory blog post to ensure everyone knows who who and what’s what.Being a bride is one of the most exciting experiences you will have in your lifetime.
    Most of us have dreamt about it since we were little girls, wearing pretend veils and walking down the “aisle”. So why is it, that we allow the stress of it to take over and we turn into what is commonly known as “Bride-zilla”The calmest of people become control freaks, the control freaks suffer from anxiety and the poor anxiety sufferers… well they’re over here popping pills every other day just to get through it all.Is this how it’s supposed to be?
    Is this happy moment in our lives meant to be so all-consuming and stressful?Well… yes and a big NO (conflicting much?).
    Unfortunately not all of us can afford wedding planners, and not all of us have the innate ability to just get things done, and more than likely, when you are getting things done, something is bound to go wrong!I am a type A planner and can remember thriving off the pre-wedding stress, enjoying every moment of planning my wedding (so much so that I still love being asked to be a bridesmaid – 27 Dresses, anyone?)The more Christy and I have discussed this, the more we have realised that we want to alleviate this stress as much as we can. We want you to look back on your wedding planning process with fond memories, not remember how it all fell apart and you became this people-hating, peony-craving, champagne-obsessed, white-but-not-white-white, bridal-bitch.This is how ‘Wedding Wellness’ was born.Wedding Wellness is our collaboration where we will be sharing tips with you on how to:

    • Alleviate the dreaded wedding stress
    • Stay organised
    • Create healthy eating habits
    • Exercise to ensure you are looking your best
    • Have that glowing skin

    We have a team of people with amazing knowledge and years of experience behind them to help you through this process and we hope you enjoy following along as we bring you tips and tricks on how to handle this amazingly beautiful time in your life. Embrace it, we promise you will love every second!

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  2. Groom Skincare
    Pia shared her thoughts on getting your groom’s skin in top form before the big day and we have to say, she hit the nail on the head!Today we have Pia from Beauty at 305 back and this time she is sharing all her knowledge on getting the groom’s skin wedding ready! Girls, I know we love to have a good pamper, but you know we also have to make sure our groom is in tip top shape for his big day too! 

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  3. Pre Wedding Nutrition with Aimee
    Aimee shared the most enlightening article which could relate to anyone – not just Brides!Aimée is our go to girl for everything nutrition and heath! As a registered Dietician with 7 years experience, there have been more than one message to her while busy shopping, asking about calorie counts and if this hugeAF chocolate needs to be shared. Aims got engaged last year to the man of her dreams and they are set to get married in August next year (all together now, ahhh!) So she is the ideal person to give all our brides out there nutrition and healthy eating tips as she is literally dealing with the same pre-wedding stress as all of our brides-to-be. 

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  4. Get Fit with Natalie
    Gosh, Nats just makes you want to get up and get your body moving! This article was the best motivation for those looking to loose a couple of kilos.Natalie is our little energiser bunny. She just exudes happiness and makes us want to get up and shake our tail. Not only has she represented South Africa in competitive dancing, but she has graphic design and sport science credentials under her belt too! (not just a pretty face) Health and fitness have always been her passion and it seems that destiny had a hand to play in her falling in love with the Get Fit Challenge, and she hasn’t looked back. She has owned and run Get Fit, Durban North, for 7 years and has come on board as our official fitness guru. She will be helping our brides (and grooms) who would like to loose weight, tone up or simply increase their fitness for the dancefloor.This article is aimed at brides who are looking to shift those stubborn kilos –  if you are perfectly happy with your weight, or are focusing on accepting yourself just as you are, this article might not be helpful towards your journey, so feel free to check out. There is no one shape a bride needs to be, as long as YOU are happy. The best brides are the ones that are happy in their own skin!Click here to read the whole post.
  5. Pre Wedding Stress
    The Hooray girls gave their two cents on how to handle the dreaded wedding stress to prevent yourself from turning into Bride-Zilla!

    So you are busy wedding planning. Your wedding is x months away and your Great Aunty Tricia is still asking you what she can do to help you 

    Wedding planning can feel like a full time job. It can feel like it consumes your every waking hour as you try to decide not only all the big stuff, but also all the different ways to make your wedding unique and special – it can’t just be another Pinterest wedding! You are swamped – you feel like you might be drowning. How are you meant to juggle wedding planning, work, family time, and being a good friend – it can all start catching up to you and before you know it, you can reach a breaking point.This is where we step in, we want to prevent this from happening and we want to help you where we can. Pre wedding stress is real and we are hear to scare the big bad monster away.Click here to read the whole post. 
  6. Glowing skin is IN!
    Ah, this was so amazing! Skin Republic sheet masks AND information from our beloved Pia – what more could a girl ask for?There is nothing better than a good skin day.
    You wake up, do your morning skincare routine, take a look in the mirror and WOW, “Good Morning gorgeous!” Your make up goes on smoothly, you put on some lippy on and BAM, off you go to have an amazing day further! However, with the stress of everyday life, sometimes, these days are few and far between. So, when we found these face masks from Skin Republic we were oh so excited to try them out and see what all the fuss is about! We contacted our resident skin guru, Pia Moriarity from Beauty at 305 and told her we were coming over for coffee and face masks. 

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  7. Dispelling Diet Myths
    Aims chimed in again on dreaded diet myths and social media pages. There is so much out there, who knows what to believe anymore? Let Aims help you with that.Social media – it can be our best friend and our worst enemy all in one day!
    There are SO many accounts out there trying to tell you to eat this way, dress this way, act this way – it can all be a bit confusing at times, especially when it will all change again tomorrow! To top it all off, here you are just trying to lose a couple of kilos before your big day and you don’t know who to listen to or what to follow. Do you follow the whole “un-diet” thing? No carbs? Go Vegan? Or what about that diet where you only eat things that are green? Girl, stop right there and take a deep breath. Our resident dietician, Aimee Robson from Bloom Bride is here to dispel some of the myths that are all over social media right now as well as point you in the right direction of who (and what) you can trust. 

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  8. (Fat) Burning Questions with Nats
    You guys asked, Nats answered!

    So you can’t seem to get yourself off the couch.

    Your friends are all getting their summer bods ready, and you are more concerned with watching one more episode on Netflix. Girl, we have all been there. Sometimes are bodies just need a break, and sometimes we are trying to love the skin that we are in. However, if you are looking for a little more insight and a bit of motivation to boot, read on to hear Nat’s answers to all your burning questions!

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  9. Things you need to do after your wedding
    There are so many “how to” blogs out there telling you how to plan the picture perfect wedding day, what about what to do after? We got you, girl!

    So, you’ve just got married to the man of your dreams.

    You come home from honeymoon filled with one too many cocktails and aeroplane snacks.You unpack your bags, have a long hot shower and plop yourself on the couch,
    ready for one long Netflix and chill session with your hubby (eek, you are still getting used to calling him that!)But then it dawns on you… what now?
    Everyone prepares you for what you need to do before your wedding day, you have a step by step guide broken down into monthly, weekly and daily agendas…
    What are you going to do with your life now that the all consuming wedding plans are done and dusted? No more dress fittings, shoe shopping, arguments over canapés.
    What is going to occupy your time?This can be daunting for most brides, especially those of you that have already “set up house” and have been living together before the big day.Well, we know, we have been in your ‘post-wedding-blues-shoes’ and
    have a few tricks to share.
    So get ready, we are about to help you with what to do AFTER you have said your I-Do’s.

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  10. Help! Bachelorette Edition
    This was such a fun article! We all chipped in on our different fields of knowledge and put together a post on what to do to “bounce back” after a banger of a bachelorette weekend!Most brides have their bachelorettes or ‘hens’ parties the week before their wedding. Its the kick off to your wedding celebrations, but it can also be a massive stress.You drank all the cocktails, did all the bride-to-be things, slurped one too many tequilas out of some random barman’s naval, and might have even ridden a “penis pony” at a
    nightclub (which will not be named – no judgies.)It’s all fun and games, until you discover aches in places that you never thought possible, a food-baby belly from the midnight pie run and
    under-eye-bags so big, no amount of cooling cucumber gel is going to bring them back to life. But don’t worry girl, we got you. 

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And that’s a wrap on all things Wedding Wellness for 2019!

Keep your eyes peeled for more informative and inspiring articles coming your way in 2020!

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