Guys, its our first Joburg Vendor Review! How exciting!

And there is no better team to feature first than the team at Barefeet! Barefeet are a wedding and photography team based in Bethlehem, but they are willing to travel all over South Africa for your big day!

Bernard and Thomas are the main guys behind the big team and they are sharing a bit more into their personal lives today. Bernard is an animal lover with a sweet tooth while Thomas loves Formula 1 and spending time with his family.

Read on to get a behind the scenes look into the lives of Barefeet.

Hi guys, please can you introduce yourselves to the Hooray readers.
B+T: We are Bernard and Thomas – we run a wedding photography & videography company called Barefeet.

Hooray: Tell us a bit more about yourselves
B+T: Thomas is besotted with his family, fixing computers and dreaming about being a Formula 1 race-car driver. Bernard enjoys running, eating sweet things and cuddling with his German Shepherd, Akin. Hooray: How did you get into the wedding industry?
B+T: Bernard was shooting weddings and making something truly unique and beautiful that the wedding industry was “missing” in our opinion. A video that tells the true story of a wedding day, with a chronological timeline and focusing on raw, precious moments as they happen. Thomas eventually quit his job and joined Bernard and so Barefeet began. We have now been shooting for 5 years and although we have grown (A LOT), we stick to our heart for why Barefeet was created – no frills or fuss, but ALLLL the fairytale vibes. Down-to-earth film and photography for your once-in-a-lifetime.

Hooray: Running your own business can be hard, do you have a daily routine?
B+T: We are a bunch of 6 creatives all working remotely from our homes (and in different parts of the country,) so everyone works on their own routines and schedules that work for them and their lives. We are so blessed to have this lifestyle, however communication can get absolutely cray from time to time!Hooray: Tell us about your ideal wedding client.
B+T: We love couples who are down-to-earth, and love the idea of raw, non-posed photos & video and, most importantly, who remember that we are all humans and deserve to be treated with love and respect throughout the process – both ways!  Hooray: What do you love most about your job?
Thomas: I love providing a couple with something timeless to remember their big day by. Something they can relive with their loved ones forever.
Bernard: Having the opportunity to see South Africa

Hooray: Can you describe your style?
B+T: Documentary, journalistic style photos and films, but with ALLL the romance, beauty and quality you would expect on your wedding day. Hooray: If there was one thing you could change about the wedding industry, what would it be?
B+T: The pressure put on brides by the industry to be something specific and therefore they strive to be/do things that are not “them”.Hooray: The mistake you made that has taught you the most valuable lesson?
B+T: Trying to grow the company in a non-organic way too quickly. This taught us that our industry finds itself between “corporate” and “art” and unless someone from the outset has the same intentions and heart that the company stands for, they shouldn’t be brought in.

Hooray: If you had to get married (again) what would be the ONE non-negotiable?
Thomas: Having a much more chilled vibe and atmosphere with less schedule and structure.Hooray: Where do you see yourself and your company this time next year?
B+T: We have just started offering free travel to anywhere in SA, so we are so excited to be visiting all sorts of new venues and places by this time next year! 

Hooray: Any service providers that inspire you?
B+T: Smitsfield Venue, Silver Sixpence Venue, Andes Guest Farm.Hooray: We are sensing a venue theme here, so we must ask, if you could do anything else in the wedding industry, what would you do?
B+T: We’d love to run a venue!

Hooray: Tell us about your most embarrassing moment on the job.
Thomas: Walking in on naked people!
Bernard: Losing the rings for a brief moment!Hooray: Do you have any close friends in the industry? Tell us about them.
B+T: We have a friend Annali that’s an amazing coordinator and wedding planner in Clarens. She can make any space beautiful! We love her approach to weddings, how intimate and specific to the couple everything is. Also, how she really tries to communicate the couple’s heart in every detail.

Hooray, Lastly, tell us about the last time you were really, really proud of yourself.
B+T: Winning last year’s Top Vendor Wedding Awards for Best Highlights Film

Guys, thank you so much for being our opening vendors for our Joburg directory! We are sure everyone loved hearing your insights and learning more about who Barefeet is! We hope that your travels will take you far and wide so you can continue capturing the magic of wedding days like you do!

If you would like to get in touch with Barefeet, click here. 

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