House of Hudson

House of Hudson, a company born out of the need for signature decor and design pieces.

While planning her own wedding Kendall discovered that no matter how hard she looked, she couldn’t find the right decor to match her vision for her wedding.
It was only after sourcing and purchasing these one-of-a-kind items herself that the penny dropped and this wonderful company, which continually amazes us with their signature pieces and the magic that is House of Hudson was born.

There is nothing mediocre or average about this company and brand. Every single item they bring in, is on trend, versatile and inspires so much creativity.

Read on below to find out more about this wonderful mother of two and how her passion for this wonderful wedding industry was born

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Hooray: Hi Kendall, please introduce yourself to the Hooray readers.
Kendall: I’m Kendall – a mother of 2 and proud owner of House of Hudson, a décor & furniture hire business.

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Hooray: Tell us more about yourself.
Kendall: I spent many years as a dancer and performer; studying the arts in Cape Town and working in JHB. I’d spent a year studying film in New York with no real intentions of coming back to my hometown, Durbs, anytime soon, but just a week before my move to the Big Apple, I met my husband, Dan. Game Changer! One year of long distance I made the happiest decision to come back and be with him. When you know you know!

Fast forward 8 years, and we’re married with two little bubs – 2-year-old Adam and 1-year-old Luc.
They certainly keep me very busy and very happy! At this stage in my life I don’t get too much time for myself but when I do, I love spending it with friends or playing 9 holes with Dan. I don’t watch TV (who has time?) and I can’t drink more than half a glass of wine (I am still recovering from my bachelorette 4 years ago). I spend hours on Pinterest following new trends in the industry and interpreting them my own way.

House of Hudson


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Hooray: How did you get into the wedding industry?
Kendall: I have always loved throwing parties – motivated to make them different and unique from anything I’d seen before. You can imagine my delight when it came to planning our own wedding 4 years ago, and Dan and I were very clear on what we wanted. We knew we would need help to make this happen and chose Carolyn (sparking the start of a great friendship) from Adore Weddings and Events. Carolyn just got our vision from the get-go. We chose a marquee wedding and with this had to bring everything in. We’d searched and searched for furniture & décor that I had in mind but kept falling short. Like other brides striving for something different, I started my quest to purchase the chairs, décor and pendants I’d seen on our mood board. In this moment, the pen(dant) dropped and I immediately knew this would be what I was going to do – a very exciting prospect! Collecting pieces that stood out and were on trend, items that couples could play with and make their day totally theirs. Over the past 4 years I have slowly built a range of artillery which can cover most bases of the wedding setup, and is continuously building.

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Hooray: What inspires you?
Kendall: Unique locations.
Couples who aren’t afraid to think out the box, while still staying true to themselves.
Photographers like Shanna Jones and Jackie Bruniquel who always manage to create pure art from all their images, capturing the moments that are often overlooked but mean the most to the couple. Each wedding stands out on their own and I often find myself scrolling their feeds feeling extremely inspired.
Carolyn, our wedding planner and florist inspires me daily. I don’t know if it’s because we both grew up as dancers and have the same feel on lines and fluidity. If you had to see both our mood boards you’d find they look extremely similar. When I see her name on an upcoming wedding I just know my decor and furniture is in excellent hands and certainly going to look extra special.

Hooray: Running your own business can be hard, do you have a daily routine?
Kendall: Being a mom of two toddler boys, maintaining a routine is tricky – a winning day is getting most of my admin (emails, meetings and phone calls) done while Adam is at school and Luc is having his morning nap. When both the boys are in their school routine from next year I’ll be expanding my brand even more and have a bit more fun running some of my own events.

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Hooray: Tell us about your ideal wedding client.
Kendall: I love a client that has a good sense of who they are.
I love a couple that wants to stand out, mix things up and challenge me.
I often have couples asking for specific items that I don’t have, I will then try come up with that piece that no one else has.
Couples that understand the price of labour, delivery and collection. A lot goes into logistics that couples don’t often take into consideration.

Hooray: What do you love most about your job?
Kendall: I love seeing how my pieces completely change a space. The choices of florals and how they complement the furniture. How stylists/couples place the items and pull it all together. I love being surprised when I see the final setup. There was a bride a few months ago who, unbeknownst to me, had completely DIYed her wedding; pairing her florals and other beautiful pieces with our tables and chairs and it was so different and refreshing. She absolutely nailed her DIY wedding! I feel so grateful that she chose our furniture for her special day!

House of Hudson
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Hooray: Can you describe your style?
Kendall: I’d say clean and comfortable for the most part.
Off-centre, with a purpose.
If you’re going to go with a certain look, go all the way.

Hooray: If there was one thing you could change about the wedding industry, what would it be?
Kendall: For the current wedding industry to be more inclusive, catering for more culturally diverse weddings. Imagine a world where vendors/suppliers reflected all the diverse human beings, lucky enough to find their person and get married.

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Hooray: The mistake you made that has taught you the most valuable lesson?
Kendall: The only person you can really depend on or trust in, is yourself. I learnt such a lesson the hard way when a secondary supplier who was brought in to assist with a big delivery & setup that was particularly important to me, let me down. Timings were super tight, and it ended up that those at the venue had to put tables together. Since then I’ve employed more amazing staff and added another big truck that can hold more stock. It was a hard day, but I’m glad it happened as I’ve learnt from it and grown – as has this side of my business!

Hooray: If you had to get married (again) what would be the ONE non-negotiable?
Kendall: Definitely a wedding planner. I loved everything about planning our wedding and I definitely think having the help of a planner was a huge reason why. Carolyn dealt with all the nitty gritty work behind the scenes which allowed me to enjoy all the fun parts of the planning process.

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Hooray: Where do you see yourself and your company this time next year?
Kendall: Gosh, I’m really excited for the direction HOH is headed. I’ll be adding to the HOH range of artillery and hope to grow from a hire company into conceptualising and planning all sorts of standout events as well. I’d like to have my showroom alterations complete – offering a bold and trendy experience for those visiting. I also see myself making new and meaningful connections and partnerships in the industry.

Hooray: If you could be anything else in the wedding industry, what would you be and why?
Kendall: Right off the bat I’d love to be able to create bridal gowns. It took me months to choose my dress as there were so many beautiful options. I love many different designs and I’d love to create my own pieces…. but I can’t sew to save my life so I’ll just keep these creations in my head. So, Casey Jeanne… you’re safe!

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Hooray: Tell us about your most embarrassing moment on the job.
Kendall: Oh dear, definitely the time I had a meeting with a couple at my showroom shortly after having my second child Luc. I ended up being in such a rush to make the meeting on time I forgot my breast pads and Luc was due for a feed…. the bride was very sweet about it, I felt sorry for the groom who looked like he could run a mile. But, #momlife.

Hooray: Do you have any friends in the industry? Tell us who and how they impact you in this beautiful business.
Kendall: I’ve certainly made a few friendships through this industry – we really have a wonderful and supportive community.
Joe from Oh Happy Day has been one amazing girl I have worked with often in the past few years. She has been a huge support of my company and always helps with advice when needed. She knows how I would want my pieces to look and always does them justice.
I keep mentioning Carolyn from Adore Weddings and Events and it’s because we’ve had such a great connection since day one of working on my wedding together. We simply get each other, and subsequently work really well together. We both got married and had our babies at similar times, so special to share that journey. I have always been able to call and bounce anything off her whether it be work related or personal. I’m such a big fan of her work and how her styling and florals compliments my pieces. I know I’m always in safe hands with her.

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Hooray: Tell us about the last time you were really, really proud of yourself/job you completed.
Kendall: Recently I was asked to style an event to accommodate 100 moms. They had asked for tables, chairs and other table décor and I’d guided them to allow me to use lounge furniture with an assortment of stools & coffee tables rather to make for a more striking but comfortable look instead. The end result was exactly as I envisioned, and the client was so appreciative and surprised at the setup and how the space had been completely transformed. They trusted my styling completely and let me run with it which was huge for me. The response from the moms was so heart-warming and made me really proud of my work!
***Hooray side note: You go girl!

House of Hudson

Kendall, thank you so much for sharing a little sneak peek into your life with our readers today.

We are standing on the sidelines watching your magic and cheering you on all the way.
You have proved yourself to be a force to reckoned with and have brought to much elegance and growth to the KZN wedding industry.
We cannot wait to see what you bring to the party in 2020.

You can get in touch with House of Hudson here

Kendall and Dan’s wedding was actually one of our first features way back in 2015!
Click here if you would like to take a peek.


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