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If you are looking for an event that is unique, gorgeous in every way and designed to your taste, then Luci and the Luxe team are your go to! 

With many years in the Event and Wedding industry, Luci brings the “Luxe factor” to every event she creates. Creativity seems to ooze out of her and we are always blown away by her weddings and styled shoots.

Luci shares a bit more with us today, including her favourite food and one of her most embarrassing moments (SPOILER ALERT: It includes an MC!).
Take it away Luci…

Hi! Please can you introduce yourself to the Hooray readers…
Luci: My name is Luci Delaney and I am the owner and creative director of Luxe Events Co

TCM Photography
The Woods Photography
Michigan Behn

Hooray: Tell us a little bit more about yourself.
Luci: I love cooking, interior design, travelling and CHEESECAKE!

Hooray: A cheesecake lover, what is your favourite flavour?
Luci: I have so many! But I love a good Rolo Cheesecake, Blueberry Cheesecake, Halzenut Cheesecake – any ANY and ALL cheesecakes from the Cheesecake Factory. 

Hooray: What inspires you?
Luci: Flowers, culture, travel, design (fashion/interior/weddings). I am also inspired by the wedding industry and the incredible talent that is offered on our door steps.

Dean Maber
LHS: The Woods Photography | RHS: Dean Maber

Hooray: How did you get into the wedding industry?
Luci: I have always had a passion for creating get togethers, being creative and having a plan. After completing creative courses, doing friend’s weddings/events and working in the hotel industry, I decided to spread my wings and open Luxe Events Co.

Hooray: We love your new branding, can you tell us more about the process?
Luci: After working with The Bash Studio a few times and building a relationship with them, I asked them to help with a brand touch up. They decided to surprise me with an idea of a new look. I was blown away on how they took my personality, vision, love for art and what I love and created something magical. Together with Amy from Code Puffin our new branding became a breeze and I felt as if the fairy godmother waved her magic wand over Luxe.

Hooray: Running your own business can be hard, do you have a daily routine?
Luci: Daily Gratitudes, COFFEE, good music and self belief.

The Woods Photography
The Woods Photography
Michigan Behn

Hooray: Tell us about your ideal wedding client.
Luci: We love working with couples who understand why it is important to have a planner and who are willing to let us take the lead in their wedding planning but to let them still be at the centre of their wedding journey.
A bridal couple who LOVES to have a clear vision and knows that no dream is too small or too big to achieve.
A bridal couple that is unique, fun and edgy.

Hooray: What do you love most about your job?
Luci: I have a few favourites. Seeing the bridal couples reaction to their wedding set up & design. Watching them say their vows and confess love for one another. The facial expressions of the guests at memorable moments.

Hooray: Can you describe your style?
Luci: Trendy, unconventional, modern, tasteful, vibrant and “oh so luxe”

Hooray: If there was one thing you could change about the wedding industry, what would it be?
Luci: For future brides to know more about wedding planners and what we are involved with. That planners are the gold thread that ties everything together, supporting both the bridal couple and wedding vendors.

Dean Maber
Dean Maber

Hooray: The mistake you made that has taught you the most valuable lesson?
Luci: Never, I mean NEVER, offer to transport your own cake to your wedding. Leave it to the professionals.

Hooray: If you had to get married (again) what would be the ONE non-negotiable?
Luci: To not budge on a photographer or videographer. They are just as important as the venue, if not more.
**Hooray Side Note: Brides to Be, take note!

Hooray: Where do you see yourself and your company this time next year?
Luci: Defined for planning, designing and creating luxurious events.

Hooray: If you could be anything else in the wedding industry, what would you be and why?
Luci: A dress designer, I love to work with my hands.

Dean Maber
LHS: Dean Maber | RHS: TCM Photography

Hooray: Tell us about your most embarrassing moment on the job.
Luci: The MC at a wedding had the “hots” for me and kept on calling me up during the speeches to stand by him and he SANG to me!!!
Needless to say, he was very festive and I had to take over and be the MC. But all the guests had a good laugh – lol TOTALLY embarrassing.

Hooray: Do you have any friends in the industry?
Luci: LOTS of friends in the industry and they all have been extremely supportive, honest and inspiring.

Hooray: Tell us about the last time you were really, really proud of yourself/job you completed.
Luci: Recently with my destination wedding in Bali and being a finalist in the Top Vendor Awards this year

Jerome Stoffels

Hooray: A wedding in Bali, this sounds AMAZING! Was it difficult working out the logistics for this?
Luci: This was absolutely breathtaking. Any logistics no matter if it’s a destination wedding or local wedding can be difficult. We had a good team and great relationship with our vendors that made all the planning and communication a breeze. Clear and constant communication is the key to a smooth plan.

Hooray: Lastly, tell us a wedding trend you are foreseeing for 2020.
Luci: BIG! BOLD! BEAUTIFUL! FLORALS! Statement floral pieces either used in a ceremony setting or reception. I foresee more weddings being personalised by the bridal couples themselves, such as signature drinks, custom made back drops, stationery and table inspiration. Let’s not forget about layers and textures!

Luci, thank you so much for sharing a little bit more about you and your business with us today.
We just love the new branding and cannot wait to see all the weddings you produce in 2020.

If you would like to get in touch with Luci, click here.

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