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Debbie from ETC events has had over 20 years’ experience in the event industry.
Her love for weddings started when her bestie asked her to plan her wedding day for her.

Since then, Debbie has grown from strength to strength and has had so many brides singing her praises!

Read on as Debbie tells us more about why she loves being in the wedding industry and how making every girls dream wedding come true is her top priority.

Christy Hosking

Hi Debbie, please can you tell us a bit more about yourself and your company.
Debbie: Hi, I am Debbie and I am the owner of ETC Events, we do wedding planning and floral and decor styling

Christy Hosking
Summertown Pictures

Hooray: Tell us a bit more about yourself
Debbie: I am married to an amazing man and have 2 gorgeous teenage boys.  I absolutely love what I do, making dreams come true is most definitely one of my hobbies and passion points in my life.

Christy Hosking

Hooray: How did you get into the wedding industry?
Debbie: I was always in “eventing”. My best friend was in the UK and decided to ask me to plan her wedding. She only flew in 2 days before the wedding.  That was 20 years ago and I haven’t looked back.

Christy Hosking

Hooray: What inspires you?
Debbie: My brides and clients inspire me for sure.  We work in such an amazing industry with such incredible people and we share and inspire each other every day…  I feel really blessed to be a part of this incredible group
*Hooray Side Note: This is so true, Debbie!

Hooray: Running your own business can be hard, do you have a daily routine?
Debbie: Rise and Shine!!!

Jacki Bruniquel

Hooray: Tell us about your ideal wedding client.
Debbie: We love couples that know what they want but are also open to taking advice from professionals who have been in the industry for over 20 years. We can give invaluable advice to ensure that all their wedding dreams come true and are realistic.

Hooray: What do you love most about your job?
Debbie: Making little girls dreams come true.
*Hooray side note: Ah Debs, we love this!Hooray: Can you describe your style?
Debbie: Every wedding is different so our weddings reflect our bride’s vision.  Our style of wedding planning is relaxed, inclusive and stress free for our couples

Sean Baker

Hooray: If there was one thing you could change about the wedding industry, what would it be?
Debbie: Fly by night vendors who think that this is an easy industry to be in and then leave a bad impression on the industry for those who do such amazing work.

Hooray: The mistake you made that has taught you the most valuable lesson?
Debbie: Not a mistake, but something that I have learnt: “Always listen to your gut …”

Kim Burmester

Hooray: If you had to get married (again) what would be the ONE non-negotiable?
Debbie: I would hire a Wedding Planner, it sounds like such a luxury but it should be mandatory.

Summertown Pictures

Hooray: Where do you see yourself and your company this time next year?
Debbie: Still making little girls dreams come true!!!

Hooray: If you could be anything else in the wedding industry, what would you be and why?
Debbie: I honestly don’t think I would want to change being a Wedding planner and floral & decor stylist.  I love working closely with my brides to create their dream wedding and just love styling their flowers and decor.  Best of both worlds!

Stuart Dodds
Jacki Bruniquel

Hooray: Tell us about your most embarrassing moment on the job.
Debbie: Oh gosh, this cannot be put in print!

Hooray: Do you have any friends in the industry? Tell us who and how they impact you in this beautiful business.
Debbie: Oh WOW, this would take pages and pages.  What a wonderful industry we work in, I started a Wedding Group about 2 years ago with a number of wedding planners, stylists and decor companies that honestly keeps us all sane and laughing for days.  We share industry secrets, compare weddings stories and most importantly support each other!

RHS: Christy Hosking | Middle and LHS: Jacki Bruniquel

Hooray: Tell us about the last time you were really, really proud of yourself.
Debbie: Without sounding too vane, I am proud of the job I do at every wedding.  It is wonderful to be able to stand back and see your Bridal couple and all theirs guests loving the day that you have put together so carefully for them and getting the most wonderful messages the next morning.  I honestly love what I do and do what I love!!!

Christy Hosking

Debbie, thank you so much for sharing your story with Hooray today.
We are too curious for words as to what your most embarrassing moment is – we must meet for drinks soon so you can tell us all about it!

If you would like to get in touch with Debbie, you can do so here

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