Joslyn + Moh

Saying “I do” to the love of your life, is a day that you will cherish forever.
But, sometimes, in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we might forget the magic of that day.
A vow renewal is the perfect time to pause, and re-live those magical moments.
Repeating your vows and injecting a whole new level of understanding what marriage is and what marriage means to you. 

This is exactly what Joslyn and Moh did.

They got the same pastor from their wedding day, went to the Bond Shed and renewed their vows, then ran through the streets of Durban while Wilma Towell snapped away and captured their love!

Yup, it really is as magical as it sounds!
So, let’s read more about this special day… 

Hey guys! Please introduce yourselves to the Hooray readers.
Joslyn: My name is Joslyn Mcdonald, and my husband’s name is Mohamed Mcdonald. We met 9 years ago in the wonderful city of Durban. I am a bridal designer and Moh works in the engineering/construction industry

Hooray: What made you decide to go ahead with a vow renewal?
Joslyn: We got married young and when I first took my vows, I didn’t fully understand what marriage was about.
Taking these vows 5 years later meant so much more to us!
Life gets busy and when you add kids to the mix it gets even busier, we found ourselves consumed by life’s tasks and kind of neglecting our time together.
When you make those promises it’s through good and bad, you have to mean it.  And takes some time to realize that!
Marriage can be tough so our vow renewal was such a fresh reminder.
5 years may not be considered a long time for some but it’s a milestone for us and a moment we will cherish it forever!

Hooray: That look on Moh’s face as you walk in is priceless, did it give you butterflies?
Joslyn: Ahh yes it did, and it was just so special to see him happily waiting for me to arrive. Also, he loved my dress!

Hooray: Speaking of your dress, you made this yourself, tell us more about the inspiration behind this beautiful design.
Joslyn: I definitely wanted to wear a short number, something different from the dress I wore for my wedding day. We were going for “Modern City Glam”, and I found this interesting fabric, it had a lovely texture and I thought it would be fun. I’m obsessed with gloves so they worked perfectly.

Hooray: How gorge is The Bond Shed’s new space? What made you decide to use it?
Joslyn: It’s absolutely stunning! It fitted the vibe we were going for and we also thought it would be something different. I was so happy they were willing to accommodate our request.

Hooray: Who conducted your ceremony for you?
Joslyn: Our church pastor Niel Jacks, who is also my first cousin. It was very special to have him do it as he was a guest at our wedding and he did such a special teaching on love.

Hooray: Did you do your own hair and makeup?
Joslyn: Yes I did.
**HSN: Sho Joslyn, you are a woman of many talents!

Hooray: Your favourite part of the day?
Joslyn: Getting another chance to dress up in a wedding dress, having my “here comes the bride” moment again!!
Moh’s favourite part was the vow exchange which I also loved and just dancing around town with Wilma capturing our special moments was everything !!

Hooray: Would you recommend a vow renewal to other couples?
Joslyn: Yes absolutely, we had so much fun. We also decided to not include our two kids, we love them so much, but this was about Moh and I. Kind of felt like it was just us two again, dressing up and professing our love to one another… it was just so romantic. We also got a chance to do things differently, at our wedding we didn’t write our own vows and this time we did! We also decided that we would do it privately with no guests present.

Hooray: Did ‘Rona play a roll in that decision, or did you always want it to be just the two of you?
Joslyn: We always wanted it to be just the two of us. Moh and I are quite private and just wanted to share this occasion with each other.

Hooray: What was it like working with Wilma? Running through the streets of Durban certainly looks fun!
Joslyn: Wilma was exceptional to work with.
She made us feel so comfortable and directed us really well.
Before we took to the streets, I told Wilma that Moh is quite a shy guy, but she took such care in ensuring that we were comfortable.
We honestly had so much fun, she is professional, efficient and so talented.
We love the images, she captured the essence of the day and we cannot help but smile and giggle when we look at them!

Hooray: Any plans to do something similar for your 10-year vow renewal?
Joslyn: I think 10 years will be something different, we want to keep things exciting!!
Maybe include our family… or maybe travel to an amazing destination!

Hooray: Finally, 5 years of marriage, 5 pieces of marriage advice:
Communication is everything.
Make time for just the two of you.
Respect goes a long way.
Support and encourage each other in everything you do.
Marriage is a sacred bond and not based on how you feel in a moment of anger or hurt, forgiveness will take you a long way.
BONUS: Love one another like there is no tomorrow.

Joslyn and Moh, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful vow renewal with us today.
Wishing you many more happy years ahead, and I will keep a close eye on when it is time for your 10-year vow renewal to see what you decide to do!

Photographer: Wilma Towell Photography
Venue: The Bond Shed
Dress: Joslyn Kim Bridal
Bouquet: Just Peachy Events
Accessories: MRP + Lovisa
Shoes: Steve Madden
Grooms Suit: Suit Yourself

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