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So, I know I am not the only one who spent a little way too much time watching Netflix during the lockdown, which might have been tripled by the Winter chill days, and now that Summertime is well on its way, it is time to get my butt off the couch and get my body moving again.
The only problem is, I just don’t feel like heading to the gym or overexerting myself. I want a fun way of moving my body.

I got in touch with our fitness guru, Nats, and she is chatting to us all about how to move our bodies, eat well, and still enjoy a gin and tonic (or two!)

P.S: This article is aimed at brides who are looking to keep the December kilos off –  if you are perfectly happy with your weight, or are focusing on accepting yourself just as you are, this article might not be helpful towards your journey, so feel free to check out.

There is no one shape a bride needs to be, as long as YOU are happy. The best brides are the ones that are happy in their own skin!

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So your wedding is coming up in the new year and you don’t want to fall prey to the “Christmas 15”. Christmas treats, alcohol, party food, and all the extra entertainment and year-end parties, you might be finding it hard to resist the temptation!

Here are some tips to help you survive the holidays

  • Remember, calories in vs calories out
    As long as you are burning more calories than you are consuming you won’t gain weight. Try to get yourself into a routine over the holidays to train and burn those calories first thing in the morning, even though you are on holiday set your alarm and keep your wedding goals in mind.
  • Morning Routine
    One of the best things about Summertime is the sun rises early, and sets late, giving us a few extra sunlit hours in the day to get things done. On those mornings that you wake up early, get up, and get your body moving. There is no better way to start your day than with a run, gym session, swim, or just being active however you like. It sets the mood for the day and gets you pumped!
  • Workout at home
    If you are not able to go to the gym there are loads of home programs you can do. Log onto our Getfit Youtube channel for some awesome training workouts you can do in your lounge to keep active over the holidays
  • Use your surroundings
    We are so blessed to have beautiful beaches and promenades in Durban – making it so inviting to go for runs, swims, and other outdoor activities. You do not have to go to the gym to get a good exercise session in!
  • Hydrate and eat well
    December is the festive season, which means our alcohol intake is usually more than what we normally are used to, so don’t forget to drink water too! Try stick to your meals throughout the day, when we are not at work and are out of our daily routine we land up snacking and consuming more calories/junk throughout the day without realising it. Don’t restrict yourself to the point that you end up binging on junk food, moderation is key!
  • Get your friends involved!
    Try to get your friends involved when choosing activities to do over the holidays. You can go bicycling along the beachfront, for a swim in the ocean or a hike – it really is way more fun than a gym session!

Hooray: Your top 5 fun exercises to do

  • Warren is a big paddler so he loves to be out in the ocean. We often go for long early morning paddles in the surf ski together
  • We love gyming but sometimes you want to do something different so whenever we are on holiday or away we always try to find a tennis court or somewhere to hike before we look for the gym
  • Swimming is always a win in Durban either laps at Kings Park Stadium or if the weather is good a swim along the backline is always a win
  • Durban promenades are incredible so we often go for long walks or a run along the promenade. Sometimes we will also incorporate a bit of a trail run off the end of Umhlanga promenade into the mangroves.
  • We love to ride our bikes so holla trails down the north coast is always a fun active morning out.

Hooray: Do you take any rest days in December?
Nats: Definitely! We listen to our bodies, training is meant to be fun not feel like a chore. If we don’t feel like the training we don’t and we wont feel bad, tomorrow is another day. However, we do live very active lives so if we aren’t gyming we are doing something that involves keeping our bodies moving

Hooray: Do you drink alcohol during the holidays? If so, what is your go-to drink?
Nats: HELL YES, it’s called balance…. we are all human and need a healthy balance in our lives, there is no point in being fit and healthy and never living or enjoying time with friends. My go-to drink is a pink gin and tonic.

Nats, thank you so much for sharing your tips with us today.
I am sure it will help many keep active, healthy, and happy during this festive season!

If you are interested in doing one of Natalie’s kickass 12-week transformation challenges, click here to get in touch with her. We promise it will whip you into shape while helping deal with relieving your wedding planning stress!

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