(Fat) Burning Questions with Nats

So you can’t seem to get yourself off the couch.
Your friends are all getting their summer bods ready, and you are more concerned with watching one more episode on Netflix.

Girl, we have all been there. Sometimes are bodies just need a break, and sometimes we are trying to love the skin that we are in.

However, if you are looking for a little more insight and a bit of motivation to boot, read on to hear Nat’s answers to all your burning questions! 

QUESTION 1: Best sports bra for the dreaded cardio days?
Nats: I’m a PUMA FAN, ALL THE WAY!!! I’m not just saying that because I’m sponsored by them, their product and quality is AMAZING!!! They also have a huge variety of colours and styles so not only are they super supporting but they look great too!!

QUESTION 2: Any good cardio tips to help with weight loss and burning stored fat?
Nats: Skipping and Incline power walking on the treadmill does my body wonders.

I Run, cycle and swim as well, however I find when I skip and Incline power walk, as well as skipping between my supersets at gym (making it more of a HITT workout) I see the best results.

QUESTION 3: I like a mix of cardio and toning, what is a good set to do?
Nats: I love super setting cardio with my weight training. I’ll often throw in burpees or skips with each superset.

QUESTION 4: How to get to bed early enough to squeeze in an early morning class?
Nats: Set yourself a time to go to bed and stick to it. Don’t watch that extra series or read that extra chapter, make your morning training YOUR priority!

QUESTION 5: What is the best way to maintain weight and be more toned?
Nats: Maintaining your weight is all about consistency, you have to make your training a life style. You can’t train 5 days one week and none the next, it has to be a consistent routine that you stick to …. sexy bodies aren’t made over night, they take time and a lot of work.

With regards to toning, woman are often so scared of lifting weights. You won’t turn into “The Hulk” from doing weight training, I promise! Don’t be scared to go up a weight, this will help you tone more.

QUESTION 7: For weight loss – approximately how long and for how many days a week should you be doing cardio?
Nats: On the GetFit Program we recommend our clients do 3 weight training GetFit days (which is a combination of weights, strength and HITT training) and 2 Cardio Days (were we recommend you have your heart rate up for 40 minutes or more to be in the Fat Burning Phase)

QUESTION 8: What would be the best set of exercises for a cardio based workout? Like 20/25 min
Nats: 40 minutes or more is what our Getfit Clients do on their cardio days.

The type of cardio you do is personal preference. If you have bad knees, don’t run, do something with less impact like swimming or cycling. You can be creative with your cardio days!

QUESTION 9: Best exercises to help you get back on track?
Nats: If you haven’t training in a long time, I’d start by walking along the promenade, Durban has the most incredible promenade, take advantage of it! Start to build your self up, jog one light post and then walk one – each time you go increase your sets or pace. If you are wanting more guidance and inspiration join our GETFIT challenge. We run 12 week challenges where we build up your fitness and teach you lots of fun new exercises. It’s a great way to get back on track and to STAY motivated.

QUESTION 9: Supplements – yay or nay?
Nats: I think supplements are important if you are lacking curtain things in your diet. They serve a purpose of “supplementing” what your body is lacking. For example:

• Your body requires protein to build muscle and burn fat .. so if you are not getting your sufficient protein intake through out the day then you would need to take a protein supplement. Whey Protein is brilliant as it ensures that you are getting the correct intake and also makes your life so much easier (we can’t all eat 100000 eggs a day so a scoop of Whey on the run is a huge help to getting your proper protein intake)

• Omega 3,6 & 9. Your essential fatty acids cannot be synthesised by the body and therefore need to be consumed through your diet, often we don’t achieve this so taking a supplement is a huge help.

• L-Glutamine (this is my go to) This will help with recovery between your training sessions, helping get rid of your lactic acid build up. It will help reduce stiffness and ensure that you are able to get your best results in your workout.

• I recommend CLA to all my ladies as a fat burner and have seen some brilliant results when my clients take it along with a healthy diet and training program

**Hooray Side Note: This is no way an across the board recommendation as everyones bodies and eating habits are different. Please consult with a professional dietician or nutritionist (or your GP) if you are wanting to start taking supplements. 

QUESTION 10: What are some quick toning workouts?
Nats: Keep an eye on the Hooray Wedding page for some “quick” at home exercises to help you get going

“Throughout all these questions, I noticed a pattern – every one always wants a quick fix…. If there was a magic pill or a quick way of losing weight, everyone would be thin. People don’t realise, it has to be a lifestyle change. You have to train every day and consistently to see results.” 

Nats, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us today. We are sure you have helped many on their journey. 

So if you kind of want to get off the couch but kind of want to stay and watch another episode, look out for Nat’s in home “Netflix and No Chill” workout, coming soon!

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