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Natalie is our little energiser bunny. She just exudes happiness and makes us want to get up and shake our tail. Not only has she represented South Africa in competitive dancing, but she has graphic design and sport science credentials under her belt too! (not just a pretty face)

Health and fitness have always been her passion and it seems that destiny had a hand to play in her falling in love with the Get Fit Challenge, and she hasn’t looked back. She has owned and run Get Fit, Durban North, for 7 years and has come on board as our official fitness guru. She will be helping our brides (and grooms) who would like to loose weight, tone up or simply increase their fitness for the dancefloor.

This article is aimed at brides who are looking to shift those stubborn kilos –  if you are perfectly happy with your weight, or are focusing on accepting yourself just as you are, this article might not be helpful towards your journey, so feel free to check out.

There is no one shape a bride needs to be, as long as YOU are happy. The best brides are the ones that are happy in their own skin!

 So before we get all tangled up, over to Natalie!

Hi Hooray! Thanks so much for having me.
Having just gotten married in December last year, I know how important wanting to look your absolute best on your wedding day is. I mean these photographs last forever! BUT I don’t want to help you just #shredforthewed (shredding for the wedding) I want to introduce you to a fitness lifestyle that is going to see you past just the pre-wedding phase of your life.

If you have never exercised before, this is the perfect time to get that heart rate up and deal with the pre-wedding stress. As Aimee said in her Nutrition post, nothing beats the natural high of endorphins that exercise brings. So even if you aren’t looking to tone, or lose weight, just going for that 30 min walk every day is going to be so good for your mental well-being during what can be the most stressful time in your life.

So here are my top tips on getting in shape for you big day.

  1. There is no magic pill!
    I’m here to pop the bubble, if there was a magic pill or solution to being thin we would all have perfect figures. Everything out there that claims to work, or “loose 10 kg’s in 2 weeks” IS LYING. It doesn’t work like that, and if it does, it is unsustainable and you are probably doing more harm to your body than good.
    You have to put in the hard work if you want the results.
    Regular physical activity coupled with a good eating plan are essential to living a healthy life style and achieving your goals. CONSISTENCY IS KEY!
  2. Break old habits
    You can’t just stop a habit, new research has taught us that we need to replace it buy building a new one. Breaking your old morning routine to something new, possibly waking up 30 mins earlier to incorporate some morning yoga is not going to be easy, but… CONSISTENCY IS KEY (you are going to hear me say this a lot in this blog post). Exercising is a habit and a healthy one, start gearing your life to include it daily.
  3. Set Goals
    I can’t stress how important this is, you need to see where you are wanting to get to. Everyone’s goals are personal and differ greatly. Write them down and stick them up everywhere – your diary, bedroom wall, fridge, mirror.
    This will remind you of your why and keep you motivated!
    NB don’t set yourself up for failure by making your goals unrealistic.
    1. Give yourself enough time to achieve this
    2. Set mini-goals and milestones weekly which work towards your bigger goal!
    3. Accountability. Share your goal or mini goal with your mom, coworker or MOH, they will help
    and encourage you.
    Each week build yourself up to achieving more in your training and in your eating. Track these goals and acknowledge once you have achieved them. small wins add up to big results and habit changes.If you are looking to Tone
    Focus on weight training 3-4 days a week. Try upping your weights to a heavier weight and focus on doing 3 sets of 15 reps on each exercise.If you are looking to loose < 5kg’s
    Incorporate cardio. Try doing 3 weight training sessions AND 3 cardio sessions a week. Incorporate HITT workouts where by your heart rate is spiking. Add skipping, burpees, star-jumps, treadmill between your sets for that extra fire!If you are looking to loose 10kg’s +
    Join the Getfit Challenge! Hehehe just kidding!
    With 10kgs or more to lose, there is no room for cheating on your diet. You need to get on an eating plan with 6 days of clean eating and training which includes a variety of cardio and weight training. YOU CAN DO IT!
  4. Time
    Set yourself a realistic timeframe to achieve your goals… you can’t start dieting 2 weeks before your wedding day and expect miracles.. you are only leading yourself up for disappointment. You need to start anywhere from 1 year to 6 months before your wedding depending on your goals.
  5. Meal Prep
    Meal Preparation is as important as training preparation. 80% of good bodies are made in the kitchen. By prepping your meals and writing it down you are more likely to follow your eating plan, failure to plan will result in scrummaging around the fridge or cupboards, grabbing something unhealthy cause there is nothing else around and cheating on your diet.
  6. Strong mental game
    Remember the only limitations are those you place on yourself … anything is achievable if you put your mind to it and are prepared to make the sacrifice…. it takes 4 weeks for you to feel a difference, 8 weeks for your friends to notice and up to 12 weeks to reach your goals! Don’t give up on your diet or hard work because you don’t see the scale moving after one training session or salad.

Along with a good training program, a good diet is a fundamental factor in achieving your goals. Not only will it help you loose those extra kilos but it will also improve your energy levels and well as many other areas of your health.

Most of all make sure your training is fun and enjoyable.
Make your eating exciting – healthy eating doesn’t need to be boring
PREPARATION and CONSISTENCY is going to be your biggest advantages to achieving your goals.

Love Natalie xx


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