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Today we have Pia from Beauty at 305 back and this time she is sharing all her knowledge on getting the groom’s skin wedding ready!

Girls, I know we love to have a good pamper, but you know we also have to make sure our groom is in tip top shape for his big day too! 

Read on to find out more about this process, and there may be a sneaky discount waiting for you somewhere 😉 

Hooray: Do you have many male clients?
Pia: Yes I have many male clients, actually just today I have three male clients coming in for facials! 

Hooray: What age do you start seeing guys be more cautious about their skincare regime?
Pia: I have more teenage clients than mature men. The teenage boys are coming because they have acne and because their mothers are paying. I think a lot of the time men would come, but they see their money better spent elsewhere 

Hooray: What’s the difference between male and female skin? 
Pia: Skin is skin, whether it’s male or female, skin technically is made of the same cells. We all have the same amount of layers, we have the same amount of melanin producing cells and the same amount of the immune building cells. So skin is the same. The differences with mens’ skin, is generally their skin is a little bit thicker. One of the main reasons for this is because men have more testosterone which keeps the skin oilier and more hydrated, therefore mens skin doesn’t thin over the years as much as women’s do and thats why generally, men age better than women.
If you look at a man and women of the same age, often the women looks older than the man. However, having said that women tend to look after their skin more than men, especially in terms of sun damage and sun exposure. So invariably in their 80’s, men’s skin tends to look worse because they have large senile warts, sun spots and age spots on their skin and women dont always have that because they have been proactive with protecting their skin from the sun.
There are so many different brands out there and the retail industry will try and target different products onto men, but at the end of the day, all skin is the same. There shouldn’t necessarily be a woman range and a mens range because what would be the purpose of it? 

Hooray: Are there any differences to how you would handle a male facial and skincare regime compared to a females?
Pia: A male facial is exactly the same. The only difference is when I am cleansing, invariably, I wont be removing make up. Thats the only difference. The skin care treatments are exactly the same.
In the case of home care regimes for men, men want simplicity and if I tell them to do something, they will not deviate from the plan I have given them. I would recommend the following for guys: 

Cleanser: Invariably men are very oily and they will need to wash their face twice a day – they must use a cleansing wash because often the cream based washes are a little bit oily for their skins. Men need a gel face wash and something that is mild, so nothing with any harsh stripping agents in. 

Toners: We dont sell a lot of toners to men but a toner is very good, especially if they are oily, as the toner is going to balance the PH of the skin, remove the excess oil and is also going to help remove dead skin cells 

Masks: Guys should definitely mask! They could apply a clay mask once a week, especially if they are oily, as a clay mask is going to absorb excess sebaceous secretions, it’s going to mattify the skin and give it a more clarifying look. 
**Side note: One thing that I am very against (and anyone that knows skin will agree with me) is a granular exfoliator! Stay away from granules! You can use them on your body but not on your delicate face! The skin on your face is thinner than anywhere else and it doesn’t need apricot or walnut scratching away at the skin, causing MAJOR dehydration, sensitivity and removing way too many dead skin cells

Moisturiser: As men are generally oilier than woman and have a thicker skin, they generally want a lighter moisturiser compared to a rich cream. One thing that you must remember is your moisturiser is not only moisturising the surface of your stratum corneum but is your carrier of ingredients. So provided that the moisturiser has got active antioxidants and ingredients in it that is going to benefit the structure of the skin, then thats perfect. The main function of the moisturiser is to hydrate the skin surface and to put ingredients in to the skin

(Please note that this is a general plan, should you wish to have a skin consultation with Pia, please click here.)

Hooray: What about guys that want to keep the hunk alive?
Pia: There are some guys that are focused on anti-aging products and they will generally use the same products that I would recommend for ladies. Same eye gels, the same serums, the same day and night creams and the same anti-aging masks. 

Hooray: Could a bride-to-be and her fiancé come for a consultation and facial together? Would they be able to use the same products to prep for the big day?
Pia: Yes definately! A lot of our clients that are husband and wife use the exact same products and we are also equipped to do couples treatments in the same room, so they can start their skin care regimes together!
**Hooray side note: Step over couples massage, couple facials are the new in thing!

Hooray: With that being said, would you recommend the same amount of skin prep time for the guys as you have already suggested for the ladies?
Pia: Yes, a 6 month benchmark is a good start for guys as well.

Hooray: What other treatments would you recommend for guys getting “wedding ready”?
Pia:  We would recommend the following for men: a paraffin manicure and pedicure to make sure their hands are clean (especially for men who work with their hands) and perhaps a full body massage to help with the pre-wedding stress!

The amazing view from the massage boma at Beauty@305

Hooray: Razor burn and shaving rashes – what can guys do to help this?
Pia: There are many things that guys can do to help this, it is one thing that a lot of men suffer from . One of the things that can cause the skin to become worse around the shaving area is using balms and aftershave on your face – aftershave is alcohol based, it should not be used on the face. So those are going to cause sensitivity and shaving rashes.
Using a shaving oil is actually one of the best things you can do for shaving and making sure you change your blade often, a blunts blade is going to cause a shaving rash! We do do a DMK treatment that removes the hair in the follicle, that is amazing for men with shaving rashes especially when they have the enzyme therapy mask afterwards

Hooray: If he had to get a breakout or shaving rash the week of his wedding, what should he do?
Pia: We would do an enzyme therapy over it to calm it down and strengthen the skin 

At the end of the day, there is a lot that we can do to help them to get wedding ready, they must just come and ask! 

Pia, thank you SO much for sharing your knowledge with us today.
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If you would like to book a skin consultation with Pia, hit her up here

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