Pre-Wedding Stress

So you are busy wedding planning. Your wedding is x months away and your Great Aunty Tricia is still asking you what she can do to help you 

Wedding planning can feel like a full time job. It can feel like it consumes your every waking hour as you try to decide not only all the big stuff, but also all the different ways to make your wedding unique and special – it can’t just be another Pinterest wedding! 

You are swamped – you feel like you might be drowning. How are you meant to juggle wedding planning, work, family time, and being a good friend – it can all start catching up to you and before you know it, you can reach a breaking point.

This is where we step in, we want to prevent this from happening and we want to help you where we can. Pre wedding stress is real and we are hear to scare the big bad monster away.

Take a breath, run a bubble bath, and read on to listen to our two cents on pre wedding stress. 

Keep to a routine
We are sure you have heard your “mom friends” say “I need to keep my child in a routine. He gets craggy when things aren’t just so”. We spend all our lives in a routine. From baby to toddler, to kid to teenager – we are, in one way or another, in some sort of routine. So why, as an adult, do we not try and stick to this plan?
Ensure you have a morning routine and after work routine. What do you need to do in the morning before work to make you feel like you have achieved something and you are ready to tackle the day? What do you need to do after work to wind down and get ready for bed?
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We suggest printing and laminating your morning and afternoon routine and stick it up somewhere you can see it. Next to your bed or on the fridge – you will get a kick out of “ticking things off” and knowing you have followed your routine.

Keep a to do list
Make sure you take some time in your week (preferably a Sunday or Monday morning) to plan your week. Jot down when you have meetings and make a to do list of what you would like to achieve in the week. Don’t make your to do list attainable – make sure they are all things that you will be able to achieve and cross off, nothing worse than finishing a week and you weren’t able to “Lose 10 kgs”
Hooray Recommends:
We love using monthly planners to plan for our months ahead, and the ones from the Ashley Knight Company are our favourites. Keep an eye on her instagram for when she launches her 2020 range! (below pictures are from her 2019 range)
Grab some pretty highlighters and cute stickers and take the time to make your calendar your own. Pretty things always make me feel better!

Practice self love
We are our own worst enemies. We look in the mirror and we are so quick to point out the things we hate about ourselves. “My thighs are huge”, “Look at those new stretch marks”, “Great, another pimple to add to my collection” – you are internalising all these negative comments, and soon you will become the Grinch, seeing the worst in everyone and everything. Positivity spreads positivity.
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Start the morning with these thoughts:
5 people in your life that you are grateful for.
(these can be your fiancé, friends, family, colleagues – whoever helps you become a better person)
4 things you like about the way you look.
(your legs, your eyes, your smile – what parts of you are making you smile today)
3 things that you love about your personality.
(What do people love about you? Focus on the good, and let those parts shine!)
2 things that you are looking forward to today.
(If you can’t think of any, maybe its time to call that friend and set up a catch up date)
1 accomplishment that you are proud of from yesterday
(Did you have a great day at work?, book your florist?, what are you proud of?)Take advantage of the bride status
At the end of the day, you also need to remember that you have a Maid of Honour and bridesmaids for a reason. They are not just there to pitch up and look pretty on your wedding day. They are there to help you with all the little tasks leading up to your wedding day. Get them to assist with getting quotes, putting the favours together, any DIY projects that may need to be done. If they not keen on getting involved, maybe they shouldn’t be your bridesmaid in the first place?
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Delegating can sometimes be a task on its own, so we suggest sitting down with your MOH and sifting through all the things you need assistance with. Work through your list of bridesmaids and disuss their strengths and what they enjoy doing – this way, you can give them a task that they will be more than happy to do! And voila! Before you know it, your to do list has been cut down already!  Listen to your body
Be kind to your body, be kind to your mind. Take small steps to being stress free. If you need an evening in of Netflix and chill, listen to your body and do just that. If you feel like waking up and going for a run around the block, do that. If you have been dieting all week and really need something sweet, figure out what you are craving and HAVE it! We need to take care of our bodies – listen to it and see what it needs.
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Keep a bullet journal. These nifty books will help you keep a tab on your emotions, your eating, your exercise routine – anything under the sun really! Sometimes, you think you have had the worst emotional week ever, but if you look back at your weekly emotion tracker, you will see that actually, you had some pretty happy days, and there was only one day that you felt down – don’t let that one day control the rest of your week!

Making small changes in your day to day living can really make a big difference to how you feel, which in turn can make a difference to how you look. Take the time to look after yourself. Hit the gym, make healthy eating choices (but if that donut is calling your name, EAT it! See what our dietician says here) and keep to a routine – there is more truth in the saying “A healthy outside starts from the inside” than you think. 

If you are still feeling stressed and need a bit more help, why not book a Hooray Consult. We promise you will leave feeling clear minded and have more of a direction of what you need to do. We become your besties (hence the slogan, “bestie to the bride”) and will hold your hand along the way.

Christy + Jen

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