Wedding Wellness

Being a bride is one of the most exciting experiences you will have in your lifetime.
Most of us have dreamt about it since we were little girls, wearing pretend veils and walking down the “aisle”. So why is it, that we allow the stress of it to take over and we turn into what is commonly known as “Bride-zilla”

The calmest of people become control freaks, the control freaks suffer from anxiety and the poor anxiety sufferers… well they’re over here popping pills every other day just to get through it all.

Is this how it’s supposed to be?
Is this happy moment in our lives meant to be so all-consuming and stressful?

Well… yes and a big NO (conflicting much?).
Unfortunately not all of us can afford wedding planners, and not all of us have the innate ability to just get things done, and more than likely, when you are getting things done, something is bound to go wrong!

I am a type A planner and can remember thriving off the pre-wedding stress, enjoying every moment of planning my wedding (so much so that I still love being asked to be a bridesmaid – 27 Dresses, anyone?)

The more Christy and I have discussed this, the more we have realised that we want to alleviate this stress as much as we can. We want you to look back on your wedding planning process with fond memories, not remember how it all fell apart and you became this people-hating, peony-craving, champagne-obsessed, white-but-not-white-white, bridal-bitch.

This is how ‘Wedding Wellness’ was born.

Wedding Wellness is our collaboration where we will be sharing tips with you on how to:

  • Alleviate the dreaded wedding stress
  • Stay organised
  • Create healthy eating habits
  • Exercise to ensure you are looking your best
  • Have that glowing skin

We have a team of people with amazing knowledge and years of experience behind them to help you through this process and we hope you enjoy following along as we bring you tips and tricks on how to handle this amazingly beautiful time in your life. Embrace it, we promise you will love every second!

Health + Diet
Aimee Robson

We love this girl, not only because she is our sister (yes, there are 3 of us, 4 if you include our brother) but she has been our go to, for every healthy eating decision for the past 10 years. She has completely opened our eyes to the wellness of food and the benefits of a good diet and making the right choices. With a BSc in Dietetics from UKZN and further studies in Nutrigenomics, she has 7 years of experience under her belt. She has worked in some of the best hospitals in JHB, Durban and Cape Town, as well as opening her own practice at the end of 2018.
She has a love for the outdoors, hiking and staying fit as well as a passion for baking, no birthday is the same without one of her marvellous cake creations. She is currently based in China, but runs her practice online. Her guilty pleasure is binge watching Younger and while we thought she couldn’t live without chocolate, it’s her family that she couldn’t imagine life without. *all together now, “aaah”*

Natalie Cooper
Natalie is our little energiser bunny. She just exudes happiness and makes us want to get up and shake our tail. Not only has she represented South Africa in competitive dancing, but she has graphic design and sport science credentials under her belt too! (not just a pretty face)
Health and fitness have always been her passion and it seems that destiny had a hand to play in her falling in love with the Get Fit Challenge, and she hasn’t looked back. She has owned and run Get Fit, Durban North, for 7 years, and while her guilty pleasure is pink gin, she definitely cannot live without chocolate.

Pia Moriarty
Pia is our resident skin guru and we trust her explicitly with all things skin.
With 14 years experience behind her, Pia has owned and run a National and Internationally recognised beauty training academy for 7 years. She is a Paramedical Therapist with DMK and owns her own beauty parlour – Beauty @ 305.
Champagne is her guilty pleasure, and while we thought she couldn’t live without popping pimples, its chocolate that will also have her heart forever!

Christy and I are going to be in charge of this bad boy. We don’t really need much of an introduction, but…
With over ten years in the wedding industry, Christy is your go to girl when you need any tips and tricks when it comes to planning your wedding. She is a fountain of knowledge and always has her pulse on the latest wedding trends. Not to mention, she comes up with the most amazing and unique ideas to help give your wedding a unique edge to it. I might be new to the wedding industry, but I have made the world of organisation my b*tch – I am not scared to tell you how or if I think you could have done something better, while proceeding to make a new excel spreadsheet and colour coded table to get your life in order. *snap*
So, together we make a great team of organised, creative knowledge (is that even a thing?) and while we are both disney lovers at heart, yep, you guessed it, we cannot live without…CHOCOLATE!

So, you got through to the end of this intro post!
We hope that you are as excited as us, and will be following closely on this new journey. There are tones of freebies and incredible give-a-ways in store so stayed tuned!
The next blog post will be; Bloom Bride by our resident dietician, Aimee Robson.

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