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Last week, Hooray Weddings hosted a MEGA workshop titled ‘Bad Ass Bosses: Business Strategies for 2017’ with 3 of Durban’s leading business mentors and we have some gorgeous pictures to share with you.

At Hooray, we not only serve the couple getting married via inspiration and useful articles, but we also serve the industry professional through quarterly workshops and regular networking events. This particular workshop was open to ALL small business owners as the skills taught were those that any business owner could benefit from.


Walking into the venue for what you knew was going to be a long day of hectic thinking, was made so much easier when greeted with a wall of twinkling lights and a canopy of hanging macrame and foliage. What better what to learn than in an enchanted space? Thanks to Yvette of ArtEssense and Glynnis of Talloula, that’s exactly what it was – enchanting.

The workshop began with Business Strategist, Ashley Knight, speaking about goal setting and vision boarding. She challenged us to ask the why’s and the how’s of business and life that would help us to better understand ourselves and our plans for 2017. With all her lists and links we were left asking ourselves some very important questions that were to guide us towards important decision making for 2017.


After a quick tea break and some delicious muffins, we were onto talk 2 by the ever poised (and good with a curling wand) Nadia Vd Mescht, who addressed us on branding – how to make a physical impact in a digital world. Nadia taught us how to offer a sincere branding experience, true to yourself and to your clients.

And then the BEST part of the day – lunch time! Talloula treated us to the most outstanding meal complete with champagne, mimosas and Glynnis’s ever-famous ice cream bar. YUM!

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Oh – that pretty lady up there is Candice. She runs our social media accounts and was furiously tweeting and Instagramming throughout the day so that we could get on with hosting the workshop. Thank you Candice. We hope you enjoyed your mimosa(s). 😉

hoorayweddings_badassbosses_dbn1_033 hoorayweddings_badassbosses_dbn1_034 hoorayweddings_badassbosses_dbn1_035 hoorayweddings_badassbosses_dbn1_036christyhoskingphotography_haydenjenna_sp_023hoorayweddings_badassbosses_dbn1_029hoorayweddings_badassbosses_dbn1_042

Despite a bad case of flu and a croaky (we say sexy) voice, Nicola of Ask Ashe delivered a powerful presentation on content planning for your blog and social media accounts and included some invaluable insights into finding work life balance.

After 3 speakers and 5.5 hours of intense thinking and note taking we took a few minutes to absorb everything and then sat with the 3 ladies for a quick Q&A session. Nadia, Nicola and Ashley are all SO easy to chat to and all quite funny too (Funny-haha, not funny-creepy). They were able to share some very important information with us in a way that was not overwhelming and daunting. Thank you SO MUCH ladies for taking a day out of your busy schedules to be with us. We are sincerely grateful.

hoorayweddings_badassbosses_dbn1_046 hoorayweddings_badassbosses_dbn1_047 hoorayweddings_badassbosses_dbn1_048hoorayweddings_badassbosses_dbn1_050hoorayweddings_badassbosses_dbn1_049hoorayweddings_badassbosses_dbn1_060

Aisle Hire It were there with their swanky Instabooth to print out all of our Instagrams . Thanks Megan, this was SUCH fun! See more by following the hastag #badassbossesdbn

instagramhooray1. Hooray Weddings, 2. Fad_favours and Design, 3. Megan Binnekade, 4. Jess Jess Woods, 5. Oh Happy Day, 6. Alkiemags, 7. Hooray Weddings, 8. Roxstar Bikini

Thank you so much to everybody who attended. We truly hope that you left the workshop feeling inspired and powered up, ready to take on 2017. Extra special thanks to those who contributed to the goody bags and sponsored prizes: The Coffee Mag, Madame Macaron, The Bench Worker, The Ruby Orchard, Aisle Hire It, The Ashley Knight Company, Nadia Vd MeschAcademy Makeup School, Noble Handcraft, Bespoke Botanicals.

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You might enjoy flipping through the photos of our last workshop: Business Schmizness. We will have a repeat of this workshop in 2017, because as much as we all dread it – we can’t avoid tax season.

That’s it for today friends. See you all again soon,

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  2. Yvette says:

    Wow these images look amazing and really captured the ‘essence’ of the day! Thank you for having me style your workshop with my macrame creations! It was such a privilge. X

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