Hooray Christmas Party 2016

On Wednesday last week, we (Durban’s wedding industry professionals) got together to celebrate the end of a wonderful 2016. A last minute change of plans led us to Frank’s Speakeasy in Mt Edgcombe, a cosy little bar with delicious platters. Billy treated us to jalapeno poppers, nachos, pizza slices and the most amazing three cheese risottos. YUM!

The night started a little like the year, with a spattering of rain, but this was not enough to dampen the spirits of the revellers who had come to join us in celebrating a smashing 2016. It was a fun, colourful crowd that attended and people quickly found familiar friends and well-known industry associates. It was a great chance for us all to let down our hair and get out from behind the equipment, to have a few (or more) guilt-free drinks together at the bar and shake it like it’s no-one’s business.

We took the opportunity to honour and thank our confetti connoisseur, David Schmidt, for his outstanding confetti cutting throughout the year (which can be purchased in the way of confetti poppers from our online shop). Kim, from Crystal and Vinetook home our massive giveaway which included a coveted knot ring from Lauren Batchelor Jewellery, a pedicure from Laura Channing Spa, stationery from Bash Paperie and an album voucher from Design Dot Love. Michelle Rabe was hands down, the best dressed Mexican with her beautiful floral hair attire, followed by Katie Wisdom, in a close second with her gorgeous Frieda eyebrows! #hearteyes

Michigan kicked off the festivities with her attack on our pinata’s which rained down delicious cadbury glow chocolates – generously gifted to us for the party! We are sure you all enjoyed the fist-fulls you went home with. Tequila’s were drunk, new friendships were made and old friends enjoyed revelling the laughs and memories that 2016 held. All in all, a fantastic time was had. Special mention goes to Wes and Stace for being the last couple standing. This was their official first party since welcoming their sweet Joyce into the world, and man…did they do us proud!

Thanks also to Glynnis&Louis from Talloula for lending us their cacti and to Mein Herr for gifting our men with beard oil.

This was a very exciting night for us at Hooray Weddings, as it was the day that we launched our new website and online shop. It was so great to be able to celebrate this big achievement and a year of hard work with our friends and family from the industry. There will be more events like this throughout the year, where service industry professionals will have the opportunity to get together and network. There are so many things to gain from being part of a community and we are committed to helping this community grow. If you would like to be included in these events, please be sure to sign up to our mailing list (at the bottom of this post) so that you receive all the necessary details.

We hope you all have a wonderful festive season, and we will see you next year.

The Hooray Team

Photographs by the lovely Tamara Smith

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