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Being full-time wedding photographers, we have created a lovely network of industry professional friends at home in Durban, South Africa. When we created Hooray Weddings we had already been playing around with another brand called Pickle&Schmidt – which was aimed purely at this group of lovely people and not at the bridal couple at all.  In 2015, we decided to put Pickle&Schmidt on hold and we set off with Hooray Weddings. We are pleased to say that we have merged the two concepts and Hooray Weddings will be an umbrella company that supports both wedding industry professionals as well as serves the bridal couple.

SOOOO….this leads us to our very first Hooray Workshop.


with Nicki Benatar of NBaccounting

Nicki completed her honours in accounting, tax and auditing at Varsity College through UNISA, and completed her articles at PriceWaterhouseCoopers in March 2012.  Since then, Nicki has been working as Financial Manager for Enviroshore (Pty) Ltd where she manages a group of 6 companies.  After being approached by a few friends who have their own small businesses, Nicki made the decision to go on her own and start up NBaccounting, where she aims to help small business owners manage their affairs properly and to stay on the right side of the taxman.

 Some of the topics we will be touching on are:

  1. Proper record keeping – in terms of day to day accounts management
  2. The requirements of an Invoice
  3. Different structures to run your company through (sole prop vs. small business corp vs. normal pty)
  4. Taxes – how to save on tax, what expenses you can and can’t claim, the importance of keeping supporting docs and when taxes are payable

 This workshop is JUST what you need if your company is not yet registered, you aren’t paying tax (or are confused by tax) or your financial records are a mess. Although most of our contacts are from the wedding industry, this talk is broad and will be relevant to all small business owners. So come one, come all!

Please note that a light brunch will be provided. If you will be joining us, please forward your proof of payment to info@hoorayweddings.com. To make things easier for us please use your name and ‘BusinessWS’ as the reference.

It would be great if, along with your RSVP and proof of payment, you sent us your biggest finance questions – this we will pass on to Nicki before the workshop.

We look forward to seeing you and enjoying a wonderful morning chatting about the big bad tax man!SubscribeMED

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