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On the 22nd February, we hosted our very first Hooray workshop.

This might confuse you as we are a wedding blog. Why are we running workshops? Let me explain…

Besides running this blog, we are both wedding photographers in Durban and have been in the business for an average of 6 years.

(Check out Christy’s work HERE and check out Derryn’s work HERE.)

We have had the opportunity to get to know and work with some incredible people and we recognise how this has affected the work that we deliver. We meet regularly to share stories, discuss new techniques, learn business tips and support and motivate one another. We would like to bring other wedding industry professionals together, so that they may too, benefit in the same way that we have. We will host networking events and casual meet ups, encouraging people to nurture their relationships within the industry. We will also host workshops that cover relevant topics in an effort to uplift the small business community in our home town of Durban.

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The first workshop that Hooray Weddings hosted was titled ‘Business Schmizness’ and presented by Nicki Benatar (a qualified Chartered Accountant) of NBaccounting.

The topics included:

  1. Proper record keeping
  2. The requirements of an invoice
  3. Sole prop vs business corp vs normal pty
  4. Taxes

The topic of tax was a big one and had Nicki answering questions from all corners of the room. But it was brilliant to sit among other business owners in a similar financial situation and really hash these things out. Attendants were able to offer personal insights and experiences and bounce ideas off one another. It was great!

Not only did we have the pleasure of sitting among like-minded individuals, but also among beautiful roses and decor. Caley Jade of Lulupop set up and styled a gorgeous table for our workshop attendants. Lulupop specialises in party design and printables. If you have a birthday party to plan or a small event like ours to host…get in touch with her. She was efficient, helpful, accommodating and professional.

Hooray_BusinessSchmizzness_003 Hooray_BusinessSchmizzness_009   Hooray_BusinessSchmizzness_012 Hooray_BusinessSchmizzness_013 Hooray_BusinessSchmizzness_014 Hooray_BusinessSchmizzness_015

Our workshop was held at Fortune Coffee shop in Con Amore on the Station Drive precinct.  It was an awesome space with St Verde’s amazing botanicals occupying one corner of the space and the delicious smells of Mo Noodles  cooking in the other. Unfortunately, they weren’t well prepared for us and so we had to move our workshop along to Savior Coffee Company around the corner. Some of our loyal friends and Station Drive supporters were very unimpressed with the lack of hospitality shown, and social media was abuzz that afternoon. But in the end everything worked out perfectly. In fact, the walk around the corner allowed everyone to digest their breakfast and process their thoughts before part 2 of our workshop. A very big thank you to Max and his staff for taking 30 of us on at such short notice and serving us delicious coffees!


If you attended this workshop and have any feedback for us, we would love to hear it. Please do not hesitate to get in touch: info@hoorayweddings.com. Or just leave a comment below.

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