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Just picture it… you walk into your favorite little gift shop, and there, right there on the shelf, are YOUR products. There is a lady standing beside you talking about how beautiful they are. And they aren’t just in that gift shop, but in many across the country. NO, think bigger! World-wide! Amsterdam, Brussels, Prague!

Our latest workshop ‘Let’s Talk Shop’ is an interactive full day workshop catering to store owners and product developers designed to help you achieve those dreams.

Hannah, a pretty English Rose (this will maker her blush I’m sure) is a British Mum on a South African adventure. Inspired by British country cottages and old farmhouses, she opened The Ruby Orchard in 2013 at Yard 41 in Howick. Her store sells a carefully selected range of décor and gift items including ceramics, furniture, frames and mirrors, handbags and diaries. (Click HERE to see what’s on offer in her store)

Who better to help you get your products in store, than the store owner herself. Hannah will be presenting on the following topics:

  • Getting your products shop ready
  • Product appraisal / the finishing touches and packaging
  • Selecting the right shops

  • Approaching shop owners/ How to pitch to owners

  • Pricing products for wholesale

  • Catalogues, order forms and invoices / how payment works

  • Terms of ordering & Minimum order quantities
  • Returns and damages policy
  • Consignment  – pros and cons

  • What is exclusivity, why should you / should not offer it to stores.

  • What to do when you get an order – the personal touches

  • Building great relationships with shops / making shops work for you

The workshop will take place in Umhlanga at Coffee Culture from 8:30am-3pm. A light lunch and refreshments will be supplied, and as with all our workshops, attendees will receive a goody bag and notebook packed with info.

You don’t have to have an existing business with actual products to attend. Perhaps you have a product or idea you’d like to start developing, maybe you are studying or work in the retail industry. Wherever you are, there is information here of real value that will set you on the right foot when it comes to selling your products.

So, will you be joining us? Send us a mail to book your spot: info@hoorayweddings.com

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3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Shop

  1. Dee During says:

    Would love to attend one of your workshops but I’m in Notties. Bit tricky with school lifts to get down to Durban by 8.30am.
    Are you planning any workshops closer in the near future?

    • Derryn Schmidt says:

      Hi Dee. We hosted a workshop in the Midlands last year, and it wasn’t well attended by locals. The majority of people drove from Durban. So we may host another up that way but will most likely be in Howick or PMB. We will add you to our mailing list if you like so that you receive updates on upcoming workshops?

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