Social Media Workshop

Burgers and midday G&Ts…doesn’t sound like your average workshop does it?

44 ladies and 1 gentleman left this #HooraySMworkshop full to the brim with Jordan’s delish grub and Nicola’s tips and tricks for social media. Our power team delivered a jam-packed day of delicious food and great information.

Our main speaker for the day was Nicola Ashe of the Ask Ashe blog. Nicola, a brand consultant and self-confessed sneaker lover, has written over 1500 blog posts and worked with 60 small businesses and brands in the last 2 years. With her booming voice and explosive laughter (it wakes babies), she is a force to be reckoned with. Nicola was followed by Attorney Lee Swales from Thomson Wilks Inc. who took us through the legal dos and dont’s of social media.

Thank you to the 031 Bar & Restaurant for hosting us, to Bespoke Botanicals for their plants and Crystal&Vine for the terrariums. Thank you also to Olly Polly, Homestead Decor, Jacqui Trinder and Bespoke Botanicals for the sponsored prizes.

Hooray Weddings hosts workshops every 3 months aimed at the small business owner with the aim to empower, uplift and inspire. Hence our slogan “bestie to the bride, sister to the service provider.” If you are a business owner or thinking of starting a business, please go ahead and leave your details in the signup form below. As soon as plans are finalised for the next workshop, you will be notified. Although we are a wedding blog and some of the workshops will be wedding related, most of them are around general topics that all business owners will benefit from.

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HoorayWeddings_SocialMediaWorkshop_001HoorayWeddings_SocialMediaWorkshop_002HoorayWeddings_SocialMediaWorkshop_005 HoorayWeddings_SocialMediaWorkshop_003HoorayWeddings_SocialMediaWorkshop_030 HoorayWeddings_SocialMediaWorkshop_004 HoorayWeddings_SocialMediaWorkshop_007HoorayWeddings_SocialMediaWorkshop_011 HoorayWeddings_SocialMediaWorkshop_010 HoorayWeddings_SocialMediaWorkshop_033 HoorayWeddings_SocialMediaWorkshop_015 HoorayWeddings_SocialMediaWorkshop_016 HoorayWeddings_SocialMediaWorkshop_017 HoorayWeddings_SocialMediaWorkshop_018 HoorayWeddings_SocialMediaWorkshop_019 HoorayWeddings_SocialMediaWorkshop_020HoorayWeddings_SocialMediaWorkshop_035 Thanks to Jordan and his team from 031 Bar & Restaurant for serving the most delicious burgers and cocktails. Some of us may have had a few more than one G&T and are going to have to pinch someone’s notes 😉

HoorayWeddings_SocialMediaWorkshop_008HoorayWeddings_SocialMediaWorkshop_023HoorayWeddings_SocialMediaWorkshop_029HoorayWeddings_SocialMediaWorkshop_027HoorayWeddings_SocialMediaWorkshop_024 HoorayWeddings_SocialMediaWorkshop_025 HoorayWeddings_SocialMediaWorkshop_026 HoorayWeddings_SocialMediaWorkshop_031HoorayWeddings_SocialMediaWorkshop_032 HoorayWeddings_SocialMediaWorkshop_034 HoorayWeddings_SocialMediaWorkshop_036 HoorayWeddings_SocialMediaWorkshop_037 HoorayWeddings_SocialMediaWorkshop_038Thank you once again to everyone for attending. The workshop was such a success and we cannot wait to start preparing for the next one. See you there.

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