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I love this workshop.

I love this workshop for so many reasons and more. Firstly I hate tax. Well, actually I don’t hate tax, I hate anything that requires me to use the left side of my brain. I am a total free creative and when all that fancy jargon comes into play, I find myself drifting off to never never land and playing with the mermaids.


When Nicki talks it just makes sense. She communicates in a way that makes me feel at home. Firstly, her style is on point and she captivates you with some cute fashion item or a gorgeous shade of pink lippie. You might share a few giggles over a cup of coffee and then before you know it…BAM she is explaining to you why you should pay for the coffee, keep the slip and use it as a tax deductible expense for your business account.

Just take my money.

HoorayWeddings_BusinessSchmizzness2_004This is why we chose Nicki to host our Business Schmizznesz workshop. It’s not only because she does the FAAAAAB job of keeping Hooray Weddings’ books in order, but it’s because she can speak to people like us. Free humans, creatives, those who can’t and won’t be weighed down by the necessary paperwork that running your own company requires.

So we hosted another SOLD OUT (whoop whoop!) Business Schmizznesz workshop. This time, we headed down south and were hosted at the amazing Book Boutique in Amanzimtoti. Kerry and her team did the most wonderful job looking after all of us with the best coffees, some sweet + savoury treats and just all round good charm.

HoorayWeddings_BusinessSchmizzness2_007Roxanne from Bespoke Botanicals gorgeously styled the workshop. She literally transformed the space into a tropical oasis with her hanging Spanish moss, ferns, delicious monsters and the odd cactus or three! Needless to say, our attendees were frothing when they arrived and it was not long before sale wars were going down and a few of us were fighting over the few remaining plants. But, ahem…I know nothing of this.

HoorayWeddings_BusinessSchmizzness2_010HoorayWeddings_BusinessSchmizzness2_009A few of our attendees brought along some fun giveaway items, thank you to the lovelies from Flynn Jaxon, Abide Interiors, Bespoke Botanicals, The Book Boutique. Your contributions helped make our workshop just that much more special. Thank you so much for sharing the good vibes and helping grow this incredible community.

HoorayWeddings_BusinessSchmizzness2_012HoorayWeddings_BusinessSchmizzness2_016Lastly, although our workshop is open to all small business owners, we seem to be totally dominating the female market. And though we predominantly cater to the wedding industry, we are so proud to be able to support and uplift ALL the girl bosses out there! We were so stoked to see so many familiar faces and meet some new ones too. We look forward to watching your businesses grow from strength to strength. We hope we’ll will see you at future workshops too!




4 thoughts on “Workshop Wrap-up | Business Schmizzness

  1. Alexis Yapp says:

    Was the best workshop and since then I have asked Nicki to do Surreal and FAD’s taxes and anything accounting related.

    Nicki is amazing and so are the Hooray girls

    Thank you

    Lex Yapp

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